Incomplete old Knex L85

Here is my Knex L85. It works, but I don't feel like finishing it. Its a pretty cool gun. Non removable magazine, true trigger, no sight or stock attached yet. Its very comfortable to hold and play around with. I believe its also the first L85 on Instructables, even though its not finished. 
Tell me what you think!

Picture of Incomplete old Knex L85
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Awe, that is too bad.

didexo3 years ago

Thanks! Btw, is that a new gun in your profile picture?

didexo3 years ago

Yeah, I'll do that.

didexo3 years ago
Would you mind if I work on it? I need a project.
And you don't feel like finishing it why? XD, its boss!
didexo3 years ago
hunter9993 years ago
Nice work so far! It looks like its coming along pretty well =D
It's amazing! I would finish it, since there isn't any L85's on instructables, like you said.