I went to toysrus looking for a present for a cousin and OH my gosh! Knex has Lego men, I knew they had lego like pieces but this is a step to far, I dont even recognize  knex anymore, years ago there was a whole isle to the stuff and it had a tall feris wheel on display, now its reduced to the section in between mega blocks and all the lego recycled idea (power miner < rock raiders, atlantis, they did an underwater one before) with only half a shelf and NO tubs other then the cheap filled with tons of bricks What has happend????? 

Seleziona7 years ago
The lego things suck!
DJ Radio7 years ago
Ugh, I actually have those.  The sawblade thrill ride came with 8 lego figures.
TheDunkis7 years ago

It is a huge pain to not be able to buy 400 piece buckets anymore. It's more like buying 200 pieces for double the ripoff price. I can't even find any big build sets that don't have bricks or something in it. They didn't even make the bricks that good. If they were at least usable, I'd probably find some creative ways to utilize them. For example, use them to construct the majority of ball tower supports so they look more solid. Or cover a weapon completely in bricks using K'nex for the internals.
Try amazon or eBay.