Knex Lever Action Rifle (Need Ideas)

I'm making a lever action rifle and I already have the stock, handle, and trigger area built but I need to know what you knexers look for a in a lever action rifle. Do you want it to be cocked using the lever, do you want it to be loaded using the lever, and if so how do you want it to be loaded? Tell me what you guys want and I will try my best to build it.

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CuddlesMcT6 years ago
should try this type of thing :
192seeker7 years ago
what you need for SURE is a tubular magazine, you can load it from the side or the front of the tube i dont really care, but it needs that since most lever action rifles use this kind of magazine.
ryry20117 years ago
cant you make it bigger.
The Jamalam7 years ago
I'd like to see it cock the pin in a way similar to how my bipods work except in reverse, it's hard to explain. You use the rotation about the axis of the lever to bring out one of the arms and the middle stabiliser travels backwards. Theres a diagram below.
I'd also use a removable magazine just for simplicity.
TheDunkis7 years ago
OK apparently my last comment didn't want to work. Here's an idea. I'd stick with direct bolt cocking and use the lever to reload from a "tubular" (horizontal) magazine above the barrel. Basically, it'll act like a hopper in a sense. It'll rotate about an axis somewhere in the middle (probably closer to the front) and expose the back end at the top of the gun for reloading while tilting the front end into the barrel near the end of the pin for a lot of power. It may not hold many rounds but it would still have easy reloading and power. If you don't want to try the idea, I will.
Yo I did that already, I'd like to see your version though.
Not exactly in the way I'm describing. The point to mine is to make reloading easier and to not require rubber bands. However, it probably wouldn't be able to hold as many as yours and nor would be as simple. I'll see if I can make a quick demo to see if it's even a reasonable idea.
Alright, couldn't get a video but I got some pictures. Please, please, please keep in mind that this is a horribly crude design made only to demonstrate the magazine concept. Everything including where and how the lever would be operated and even the barrel were not considered when I made this. The magazine wasn't perfected either. Do not critique anything involving the construction of this, only the concept it's trying to demonstrate. 1. Just the body construction. 2. Ammo loaded into the magazine. Notice that each end is blocked off so that the most they can do is rattle inside. 3. Again, don't judge the design. I'd make a better barrel or at least a very weak bullet lock or stop to make sure the magazine doesn't flood the barrel. However, I suppose this could be taken advantage of if you wanted to make a shotgun. Gravity does its job and pushes the rounds down until one is in the barrel and the others rest against it. You can also load rounds in the other end while the magazine is up. 4. The magazine is then reset and the remaining rounds are trapped again while the chambered round is ready to be fired.
Very cool, I think you should definitely make a prototype.
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