K'nex M4 Carbine

About time I made an M4 carbine. The farthest shooting/accurate and sturdiest gun i've made to date mostly due to the muzzle loading. WHAT!!! NO MAGAZINE!!! yep, it was abandoned due to horrible range and often jams. It's more of a sniper than an assault rifle and is extremely accurate with a grey rod + grey connector. It uses a modded dsmans barrel for maximum accuracy and distance, accuracy due to the barrel going through the forgrip. I also added a 4-railed foregrip for attachments such as virtical foregrip (shown in pic), bipod, dot scope, lights/lasers, or anything that can attach. Tell me what you guys think.

Picture of K'nex M4 Carbine
M4 Carbine 002.jpg
M4 Carbine 003.jpg
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MotaBoi7 years ago
 heres mine so far... 
Der Bradly9 years ago
this is a reply
combatknex9 years ago
Combatknex your guns are not that good...
they're better than all your guns, except for the full auto you made.
dude if your guns suk too then i wouldnt be talking. and basically all my guns are good. your guns pretty much all suck im sorry. its like you put no effort into them
He had no right to start on you like that, but regrettably he's correct. It wouldn't matte if you didn't show them off as much.
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