Knex MP44 Assault rifle (or Stg44 for all you technical WWII folks)

Edit: It's here! Here's the link to the instructable. Sorry that it's not as clear as it could be but I made it quickly. Also some of the pictures are a little blury but otherwise very clear in close up areas even.
My next WWII gun will be an M1 Garand with real clips that when all shots are fired off the empty shell is launched out.
Ok well I was wondering if anyone wanted me to post this. It's a close replica to an MP44 German assault rifle from WWII. I modded the front just a little so it looks a little more realistic than from the picture and movie. I had to take off the sights though because they got in the way of the bullets even though i tried stopping this it didnt work right. Most the details are in the video but if you don't want to watch then let me just list some features
-real, good working curved magezine-will extend it a little to make it look better and load more when i make instructions. the last round will pretty much always jam though. not a big deal just always load an extra round
-uses rbg mechanism by bedbugg2 to fire either rubberbands or darkgrey connectors
-modded the mechanism so you can shoot it full auto without losing the single shot option. It still unleashes all of the rubberbands at once and will jam some of the in the wheel sometimes. If anyone could help me find a way to have it shoot at the real pace of an MP44 or at least slower that would be great!
OK I used a modded stock design that i got from ShotPain (although I'm not sure if it is his seeing that i saw it in a couple instructables) and i cant post the stock unless i can convince him but it shouldn't be that hard to come up with.

I'm also working on for the future a gun that will be full auto only using a rubberband per ammo and no other technical stuff. No really all it will require is a rubber band for the ammo piece your launching and the rest will take care of its self
I'm also coming up with a pump action shotgun and maybe a break action with shells. NO! not shifles they will be shotguns with an actual spread shot not grenade style but loaded.

Picture of Knex MP44 Assault rifle (or Stg44 for all you technical WWII folks)
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not 1 of the 2
TheDunkis (author)  strengtboy747 years ago
What? I hope you realize this was posted almost 2 years ago.
TheDunkis (author) 9 years ago
ok well i lied. i dont feel like making a semi auto rifle in the form of an 1M Garand at the moment. I will eventually but for now I'm making a bren light-machine gun. i'm just going to keep the whole back of the MP44 to use because its pretty much the same then I'm adding a diferent mid gun and barrel with a migger version of my magezine to hold dark greys+oranges and it will still be full auto with single shot option
TheDunkis (author)  TheDunkis9 years ago
Woohoo i got it done!! well the first version. it doesnt look too much like a bren with small details but overall any gun similar. I'm still working on it but i'll get a picture up maybe later today. honestly i havnt tried it because when i finished it was too tired to continue so I'll do that in a little bit
TheDunkis (author)  TheDunkis9 years ago
ok heres the pic. Like i said its not the best and i'm still working on it. this is like version .5 but it does work. In fact its even stronger than the MP44 with the exact same rubberbands...although i'm sure it would be even harder to load a lot of heavy duties on here but its really powerful...if we can somehow figure out a way to slow down the firing of the gun then i think i officially made the first real light machine gun. (all other machine guns are actually powerful enough)
I looked at the post date and I didn't notice the year and I thought you posted this in the future LOL
TheDunkis (author) 9 years ago
ok then its settled. I'll post it this weekend maybe although i cant do it tonight and probably not tomarrow. I'll also have to respect ShotPain's wishes and not include the stock but im sure you could come up with your own or...just figure it out from the pictures I do have.
please post it all and your a great knex gun designer looks just like the ww2 assault rifle. also looks cool.
TheDunkis (author)  the dawg9 years ago
ok ok im doing it this weekend but tonight im going over to babysit my nephew and my sis's computer is so filled up with spyware you cant even keep a browser window open for longer than a couple minutes let alone even upload pictures. Oh and I did modify it a little bit so it looks quite a bit more like the real thing even. Part of it is a longer magezine for more ammo and mainly looks
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