Knex MP5 V2

Here is my Knex mp5. It shot 40FT using two long bands. I only had one loose rubberband on it during the pictures. It has an internal ram rod cocking system with pin guide. Its seven layers thick, it has that fancy wall coat on the other side to. It has a true trigger, and also a magazine release (I got lazy and didn't make a safety). Its really sturdy and very fun to shoot. It did have a magazine at one point in its life, but I took it apart to help start a different gun. Its very comfortable to hold. Its a little fat in places, and its stock is a little off due to the internal pin guide, but I didn't care its close enough...

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Kona-chan4 years ago
do want
BEAUTIFUL! FINALLY someone puts SEVEN layers instead of an asymmetrical six!!! Post. You gotta. Please???
Yeah, I think he should post to. We need people to post stuff like this. It is funny because the people who post the most full K'NEX instructions, their builds tend to be bad.
yes. agree
Finally, we agree on something. What do you think of my new M249 SAW?
Post or die =) I just started work on my lmg too(not an m249) =)
I don't know bro. I might, then again, I might not.
you must! you have no choice in this =p
I doubt that I will. Upcoming on my list includes (but is not limited to [nor does it have a surety of being built]): A K'NEX Gun: Reliable (bolt-action remix), M21 V.3, MP5SD V.2, Skorpion, M4A1 SOPMOD, Magpul Masada (ACR) V.3, the list (sadly) goes on and on.
I like the skorpion idea,add a front grip and a suppressor and you could get something like this =)
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