Knex MP5K review.

this is shadowninja31s MP5K review.

comfort:6/10 - its quite uncomfortable at the back of the handle, but the grip is fine.
power: 8/10 - for close range, its got alot of power.
looks: 10/10 - probably one of the best replicas ive seen.
innovation: 8/10 - nothing new, its got removable magazines and other features.
accuracy: 9/10 - its very accurate at close range.
piece usage: 8/10 - not to much pieces.
strenght: 9/10 - very sturdy, the magazine is the only weak point if dropped or hit.
reliability: 9/10 - nearly every time the bullet leaves the barrel, if you use a tight rubber band on the magazine pusher all the shots will leave the barrel. also, if the band is too tight on the trigger the rod may snap off every like 100 shots, just replace it.

overall: 67/80 - if you want a great replica with power, make this!


Picture of Knex MP5K review.
So will i plus this is AWESOME!
~KGB~ (author)  knex inventor3 years ago
yes! thanks!
Yup. Also check out the mods. Post a pic on my page if you do.
GTRPLR19953 years ago
I think I will build this.
Have you built my gun yet?
no, sorry. Havent found the time for knex. O.O Never thought i'd say that.
Thats bad. New homework assignment: build my mp5k.
~KGB~ (author)  GTRPLR19953 years ago
~KGB~ (author)  GTRPLR19953 years ago
lol, So yeah, I think Im gona build this soon, But I promised Mr. Silly Guns I would build one of his.
~KGB~ (author)  GTRPLR19953 years ago
kool! lol
Yeah, he makes some cool lookin stuff too.
~KGB~ (author)  GTRPLR19953 years ago
i know! stop now!!!
~KGB~ (author)  GTRPLR19953 years ago
lol, im on 3700
Well im not as popular as you yet.
~KGB~ (author)  GTRPLR19953 years ago
Thats not funny.
it is g=funny because your name is "legofanatic" but you are on a knex form- a double agent!
Where the heck did that come from??? We were talkin bout him havin more comments than me. lol
dont know bt it is a little fnny bt i dont care mch my letter yoo (like it sonds) is not working well
Why do u type like that??? I cant really understand what your sayin.
~KGB~ (author)  GTRPLR19953 years ago
Really, its not.
~KGB~ (author)  GTRPLR19953 years ago
oodalumps3 years ago
Any terrible gun will shoot hard "for close range".
Good guns will also shoot hard for close range.
Good guns will shoot hard for long range.
There are guns built for short range (~30ft) you know.
Bad on purpose?
No. CQB doesn't mean it's bad. Guns built like that can be used indoors. You could use a "good" gun, however you are more likely to damage stuff.
So, bad on purpose?
rec0n oodalumps3 years ago
Not gonna continue this conversation.
~KGB~ (author)  oodalumps3 years ago
i meant like 20-30ft, not point blank like...
can you put a link to my ible in this?
~KGB~ (author)  shadowninja313 years ago
yeah sure!
~KGB~ (author)  shadowninja313 years ago
no prob!
MegaMetal83 years ago
cool i made it a while ago the fore grip is impossible to make
~KGB~ (author)  MegaMetal83 years ago
how???!!! lol
i made the for grip im just saying its a bit hard on your fingers
~KGB~ (author)  MegaMetal83 years ago
ohh right...
No it isn't. :)
i made the for grip im just saying its a bit hard on your fingers
Okay. It is hard to make, but not impossible.
Yay thanks!
~KGB~ (author)  shadowninja313 years ago
no prob!
~KGB~ (author)  shadowninja313 years ago
Randomguy653 years ago
~KGB~ (author)  Randomguy653 years ago
Seleziona3 years ago
ya know, mine hardly had ANY power...
~KGB~ (author)  Seleziona3 years ago
ok, i used 3 thick bands, ill have a pic up asap!
Seleziona ~KGB~3 years ago
~KGB~ (author)  Seleziona3 years ago

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