K'nex Oodammo Pistol

So, another Oodammo pistol. *sigh* I'm probably not going to post it, unless many people want me to.
It looks cool, has neat blade sights, and a removable mag. So, what do you think? Is it good, or bad, or neither? Please comment, and rate!

         - Owen.

Edit : This is long gone, and now a ZKAR V2 Which is amazing! Although, now since I got my first Airsoft rifle, I'm probably going to cut back on the guns. :-P

Picture of K'nex Oodammo Pistol
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The Jamalam7 years ago
Ooh, is that my jamassault handle?
Owenmon (author)  The Jamalam7 years ago
I don't know, is it?
Lol, take a look.
DJ Radio7 years ago
What makes this any different from what we have?
Owenmon (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Nothing. It was just something I made. I already got rid of it.
ZKAR v2 was really awesome, but the pin broke often, and it randomly got its range halved before I took it apart for no reason.  The ROF was great though.  I liked the overall design of it.
travw DJ Radio7 years ago
That is really wierd. Because I can dry fire a lot, and my pin has never broken. And it was always the same range-wise. In fact, I still have it.

Are you stretching the E-tape for you pins as much as possible?
How many layers did you use?
Owenmon (author)  travw7 years ago
Same here. I've been using a ram on the TR-18, and ZKAR v2, for a few months, and it still hasn't broken! I super-glued a decapitated orange connector, stretched the e-tape as tight as possible. I've had it for almost 6 months now!
travw Owenmon7 years ago

Good ol' E-tape.
DJ Radio travw7 years ago
Good for you.


Double what I used on the other guns I had in the arsenal at the time.  It's all gone though, so don't worry about it.  I think it was the fact that the pin hits a surface with gaps in it as opposed to a smooth surface with the other 3 guns.
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