Knex PDR

Hello, this is my Knex Magpul PDR. It was pretty cool featuring a truly working bull pup mechanism (Credit to KnexBuild). It shot decent and held a good amount of ammo. It was too obese for me though.

Picture of Knex PDR
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didexo4 years ago
Neither is that.....
I'm sorry..............what is that?
NVM. =D (To tell the truth, it is a "squinting" face, as if the person is confused). BTW, how about building a model?
Ok I'm up for something like that, haven't done one before but it could be fun. Do you mean a collaboration on one?
Yeah, sure. How about working on a Mac 10? That is what I'm planning on doing? And, how about you start the collaboration, as people have already seen a collaboration from me.
Strange, I made the post and when I tried to add you it said your name didn't exist. I even copy and pasted it?
Ok well I can work on two things at once. Sounds great :D