Knex Pickup Truck With Suspension

Picture of Knex Pickup Truck With Suspension
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chris mayo8 years ago
1 of the best trucks o the site

I havent seen them all, but I think it is.

Skreetsha8 years ago
I have to say, this is a very good entry. Butr you should've posted a link on the TNKIT Round 1 topic, you're lucky DJ Radio said you made something. Anyways, nice build! :P
GrandeSwag (author)  Skreetsha8 years ago
I did post a link to it.... 5 days ago.
dude, are you still active?
GrandeSwag (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
No. But I will be posting an entry.
best entry yet
jollex8 years ago
Woah, just realized something lol. Nice truck.
DJ Radio8 years ago
You should post a link on viccie's contest.
Der Bradly8 years ago
Somewhat scary picture.