Knex Pistol

Let me know if you want me to post.(Its a slide-action pistol, with removable magazine(6 shots) It started off as a mod to Tomboyrme's pistol which was on single shot.

Picture of Knex Pistol
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Dragonfly76 years ago
POST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jammy57 years ago
please post it cos its just so awesome looking at it
So with you
An Villain8 years ago
this is cool, shoots far, and is very comfortable, it could do with an angled handle though, reminds me of my side-arm.
noobererer8 years ago
thats what im seriosly id kill for dat, ive seen lots of ppl with it too!
asdfda34328 years ago
Its Called MCLAD
vog8 years ago
mayo2918 years ago
post a instructables on how to make it
MI69 years ago
Post - i want to see how it works
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