Knex Predator Weapons

OK, I have been watching Predator, AVP, & AVP-R, & I was thinking: wouldn't it be cool if someone made some of the Predators' weapons out of Knex? So, here is what I'm gonna do. First, if at least 1 person replies to this forum and agrees with the idea OR posts an instructable for any Predator weapons, then I will create a group just for the Predator weapons, kinda like the Knex Halo Weapons Group that I made. I would really like to see that shuriken that the Predator uses. Anyways, have fun. "You are one ugly...." (Screams like the Predator)

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Knexfan (author) 2 years ago

sorry its been so long since i been on here sadly ALL my knex got stolen :'( but feel free to post pics or links to your instuctables in the comments ;)

VINNIE SIFT6 years ago
i made the claws
Oddball10116 years ago
I am sitting next to a razor whip,combi stick , and a pair of retractable claws and upstairs I have a crappy plasma caster and all of it is made of knex
bighead54547 years ago
i made like a mini-combistick while tryin to make a tripod want a pic?
mamoo9 years ago
yeh i think it would be very cool if people made these types of weopens, i have already made a combistick that you pull a part and the blades come out like a spear. my little brother won't stop playing with it!!!
yerjoking mamoo9 years ago
would you post it?
mamoo yerjoking9 years ago
when i have time
yerjoking mamoo9 years ago
sure, i'll have a go at building the shuriken, i just finnished my gun(not posted) it has a sort of revolver flip out thing to reload, and it uses elastic bands, i'll try to encorperate(spelt it wrong>.<) the idea do a melee based weapon, and btw i'm not the author of this forum lol Oh and btw, if i do finnish it, where shall i post it knex fan?
Knexfan (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
hmmmmm......ill make a predator knex weapons only group just 4 these weapons
mamoo yerjoking9 years ago
you should post it on this site. in tech and offbeat.
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