Knex Quarter Arm Lift

My new lift is finished. It was already finished for quiet a long time but for some reason instructables was really slow at my comuter. The lift goes up and down from about 0 degrees to 90 degrees by using a crank which is powered by a motor. For the rest there is nothing special. I worked on it for about 2 weeks

Here is a video of it

Here is the parts list:

Geen- 55
White- 65
Grey- 1
Total rods: 387


Dark grey- 26
Light grey- 0!!
Red- 9
Green- 2
Yellow- 35
Purple- 124
Total Connectors:319


Blue spacer- 55
Silver spacer- 51
Red gear- 2
Blue gear- 2
Mettalic clip- 6
Tan clip- 6
Knex battery ppack motor- 1
Knex ball- at least 1
Total others: 112

Total: 818

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joezim0074 years ago
I'm confused on why some of the pieces are even there. See attached image for details.
Most of those pieces there are unnecessary. I think he was making sure it wouldn't break. I didn't use them in my version
RNB5 years ago
Could I use these pictures for the Official Guide to Knex Ball Machine Lifts?
CassisDude98 (author)  RNB5 years ago
Of course!
KneXtreme5 years ago
If any of you want to build this lift click here.
HAL0006 years ago
Looks cool!
CassisDude98 (author) 6 years ago
The Instructions for the Quarter Arm lift have to wait because i am bussy at a differential now( also out of knex, instructions for that will also come) but I will be as quick as I can!!!!
CassisDude98 (author)  CassisDude986 years ago
Edit: Instructions for the diifferential won't come.
CassisDude98 (author) 6 years ago
I Started at rebuilding the Quarter Arm Lift. I have the first part of the motor house already
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