Knex Rack and Pinion?

Hey Guys and Girls,

Recently I ran across an old prototype of a knex rack and pinion I made a long time ago. I was curious as to if there have been any other rack and pinon designs shown on the site of maybe that have been used in a project.

Second: Would anybody have any interest in seeing the design before I take it apart? Any Ideas of what it could be used for?

Thanks Killer~SafeCracker

Picture of Knex Rack and Pinion?
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~KnexBuild~4 years ago
I'd like to see it.
tytiger334 years ago
Yeah I'd like to see it. Might inspire me to finally try my hand a machine gun.
had an idea about this once but couldnt make it work
I think there was a design like this for a really weak machine gun. This would have been a long long time ago when people such as oodalumps and killerk were here a lot. The gear wasn't completely filled with teeth, so when the teeth caught, it pulled back the ram but when the teeth disengaged it fired.
Do you think there would be any use for a more solid design? Not really for guns
It could be used for a train that has to grip the track better, like and incline railway or a monorail.
That's not a bad idea. We don't have many trains in the first place right now either so this could get that going if someone were to make one.
You know, I really don't know. I'm sure it could be used for some sort of ball machine element or lift if that's what you are thinking of. But it's limited in how strong it can be if you are using rubber bands since the knex motors are not that strong.