K'nex Roller Coaster Splicers! (homade and yummy XD)

Ok, i was going to make this a ible, but it was'nt that great. so anyways. When i got my first roller coaster pack off of ebay, it didn't have any splicers! =O So i decided to make my own.

here's what you need!

1 Pack of dum-dums
A K'nex roller coaster set that uses tubing

then, eat, eat, EAT!!! teh dum-dums, then get a moist towelette, and rub them until their clean.
Then put them inside of the tubing (duh) and then BAM you have new splicers! :D

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pls8 years ago
Creative idea!
Owenmon (author)  pls8 years ago
Here's what you need. $1 Buy 10 gold splices off of knex.com :-D
Owenmon (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
but i want to ride my bike to the store! D:
Plus 10 $ for shipping... LoL
$1.50 last time I checked for a envelope.
I live in Ohio, USA, The knex factory is in Pennsylvania; When i ordered some pieces they came in the next day:D!
Wow! Great service!
Ya really.
Owenmon (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
yes, but these are yummy(er)
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