Knex Semi-Auto Handle Mag Pistol

I said to Mepain "I'm going to make a semi-auto pistol with a magazine in the handle". 45 minutes later I took this picture.

I'll call it: SALSA
S**** A** Lame Semi-Auto

Yes, this is a TRUE semi-auto Knex gun. You pull the trigger and it shoots, then repeat. The magazine is in the handle and it shoots gray connectors. Range is 5-10 ft, so it's not going to win any wars.


Picture of Knex Semi-Auto Handle Mag Pistol
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XxsonicxX5 years ago
Are you gonna make an instructable?
oodalumps (author)  XxsonicxX5 years ago
Bartboy8 years ago
How did I miss this?
It's great.
And more than a year old.
What sensible logic.
"It's more than a year old, so it's obsolete!"
I didn't say it was obsolete.
I know you didn't say it, I was quoting what you were thinking.
knexguy Bartboy8 years ago
You can't know what he is thinking.  And if you can, unlucky :P
Bartboy knexguy8 years ago
So? If you point out that something is old, you're either pointing out it has increased in value, or that it's obsolete.
I meant that the TOPIC was a year old.  This is still the most recent posted semi auto.
You were either inferring that it was obsolete, or that guns that are over a year old are better.
That's what it says.
This argument is utterly pointless, like most other arguments on Instructibles.
And almost 2 years old.
knexguy Bartboy8 years ago
Actually, I read DJ'as comment as saying it is great despite being more than a year old.
That's the way it should be.  There are guns that are awesome even though they are a year old.
Yep, K'sayer is coming up on its first birthday.
I have to get around to buying more parts so I can build it.... But I wasn't talking about the knexsayer.  I was talking about guns like the morettie or DD-27.  Basically classic knex guns that were good.
Lol, the original storm 220 was actually considered good back in the day...
It was a classic, true.
I never thought it was obsolete.  You can't read minds, and psychics are frauds.
Cool! I assume it works the same way as your other semi auto? I want instructions! or at least a few better pics to build from.... :-)
oodalumps (author)  I_am_Canadian9 years ago
It's a little different than the other two. In this one, the trigger grabs the pin from the back instead of the front. I may post instructions on KI when it comes up.
I looked on KI and the instructions weren't there. I think you should re-post it, because I really want to build it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:-(
oodalumps (author)  1712927 years ago
It's there.
You sure? When I searched "Knex Semi-Auto Handle Mag Pistol" on KI, it just showed your two "Two-Shot Pistol" posts and your "The State of Knex As A Product" post.  Could you please give me the link instead? 
what is with that? i was gona join but it seems to be down
I am going to build your origonal now.
Ok, I will look for it then.
Oblivitus8 years ago
Cool, but you should make the trigger longer so that it can be squeezed with 4 fingers for a lot more power.
that would be uncomfortable....
How so?
because that would only leave one finger to wrap around the handle. also, 4 fingers would be kinda cramping the trigger when its reset.
How many fingers do you have? I have four fingers and a thumb.
I have 4 fingers and a thumb.  But I was saying that it would be cramped with 4 fingers on the trigger.
But the first bit, the one where you said that you'd only have one finger to wrap around the handle. I'd have zero fingers.
I was counting the thumb as a finger.
Like a normal person.
Fine, then it should have a two finger trigger.
oodalumps (author)  Oblivitus8 years ago
It can't handle any more bands than what I put on unless you superglue the parts together.
Sandy444448 years ago
shmi1179 years ago
knexguy shmi1179 years ago
It was 5 months ago, and he barely ever comes on this site any more. You really think he's still going to have it? Stop necro-posting.
shmi117 knexguy9 years ago
you never know things can happen...
knexguy shmi1179 years ago
Not really.
Just build it from the picture... it isn't hard.
oodalumps (author)  shmi1179 years ago
The things I post I post on KI. Look there if you want it.
builder9689 years ago
bad language
your right very bad language
u just noticed????
smite him
DJ Radio Vynash9 years ago
he needs to censor it....
oodalumps (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
Thanks for following the be nice policy! :-)
Can I post instructions here on 'ibles?
oodalumps (author)  I_am_Canadian9 years ago
oodalumps (author) 9 years ago
If this gets posted, it will get posted on KI.
Is this postd yet?
Whats KI?
No wait its knex innovations isnt it! took me all of yesterday to realise that
By the way this is awesome please post!
Need more pics
Whaleman9 years ago
Damn. Beat me to it. I was gonna make one. Ahh, well. Just gonna have to make it a removable handle in the mag.
Beat you to that as well. Well I'm sure you could make a better one.
Are you talking about the TDS? That is not semi-auto nor does it have a remoeable mag.
I knew you would say that. Well I take it you haven't looked at my instructable since I last updated it. I don't know what else you would call it if that isn't a removable magazine. You insert a device with the ammo attached that automatically loads it. Plus the device on my pistol can be used on any gun with the same magazine including this gun with a couple small mods to the gun.
That is a clip. The difference is that Magazines have to be removed, clips are either ejected with the ammo or pop out when the gun is reloaded. Clips are generally used on the old-style WWII era rifles, like the M1 Garand. Besides, that method of clip loading has been used before.
Sorry to double post but I also wanted to add this. A magazine is a device that stores and loads ammo. It may be detachable or permanent. A clip is a device to store the ammo to feed into the magazine to load a gun.
And the magazine, in the case of your gun, is the handle. It does not go into the handle, it is the handle. I said it depends on the situation. I you attach the ammo to the auto loader then you have a device that stores ammo and loads it. It works like a real pistol magazine. My pistol's handle in this case stores the magazine. In any other situation it is the magazine yes.
A clip is a device that is used to store multiple rounds of ammunition together as a unit, ready for insertion into the magazine of a repeating firearm.

A magazine is an ammunition storage and feeding device within or attached to a repeating firearm.

Your clip happens to be inserted into a magazine that is within your gun.
Ugh it's as if you've been completely ignoring what I've said at least twice now now. OK the sticky notes and ammo. That's the clip yes. The auto loader. That is...well the auto loader that you can put on and take off easily. When you attach the clip to the auto loader that makes the magazine. You then insert it into the handle both as once piece so it contains the ammo and loads it. A magazine is an ammunition storage and feeding device within or attached to a repeating firearm. A magazine it is then? I don't get why you do not consider that true.
What is the auto loader? Do you mean the rod with bands at the bottom that pushes the round into the chamber? In that case, it is just a poorly designed clip. Your mag is not removable, it is internal. You have to insert a clip. M1 Garands have an internal magazine, but the clip is loaded from the top so that you don't have to put a spring on the bottom. The C-96 Mauser is the only clip loaded hand gun (besides the Russian "Silent" 2-shot pistols) that I know of, and even it loads from the top. Every clip-fed gun loads from the top because magazines have a spring in the bottom (even internal mags).
OK dude seriously let me grab some pictures. 1. The first picture is of a pistol magazine. 2. This is the auto loader for my pistol. 3. Here is the ammo "clip" attached to the auto loader. You do the same thing as real one with it. You insert it into the bottom of the handle where a real one clicks into place you have to twist mine on. Yes mine is poorly designed but I find it works better than taking the whole handle off for example and only leaving a small shell to insert it back into.
Your "mag" is not reusable, and the "autoloader" serves as what would be the spring on a real gun. This is the clip (properly named) from Hobo Lord's Uzi, the first knex gun to load with a clip. He called it a clip, I called it a clip, you should call it a clip, but you don't. You will notice that his also has an "autoloader." yours just happens to have a slightly better "autoloader" than the original.
I know that's where I got the idea. (dangit I forgot to credit him I'll edit that right after) You can still put the two pieces together to make a magazine otherwise yes I call it a clip with a detachable auto loader. So what would you consider a magazine? Like I said my I like my idea better than making the handle the magazine. Well whatever I don't feel like argueing anymore the point is I made a device that both loads the ammo into the handle and loads it into the gun that twists on and right off.
For one thing, your clip is not reusable. Secondly, it was Hobo's idea, not yours. And thirdly, this v is what I consider a removable mag (it is not finished, but I have a secret method of keeping the ammo in it that I don't want to be released yet.
Remove Mag 001 (Medium).jpgRemove Mag 002 (Medium).jpg
This be the new handle for the Luzedrut Lekki?
Unfortunately, no.
yay u give idea
right when i think of it, someone else beats me to it.....*sigh*
...The clip can be reused except it probably won't be held together as well but that's not the point. The clip was hobo's idea but not the auto loader also not the point. Like I said I was sure you could come up with a better design. When I ment I guess to say was basically the whole point is was I made something that cut reloading time down a lot magazine or not.
There we go! That is what a clip does; cuts down loading time. Hobo Lord's did have an "Autoloader," although it was a bit harder to attach to the gun. I would like to see you reuse that clip another time, and another time, and another time after that.
And that is what I made my auto loader for. And that's the point of using soemthing like sticky notes. You can get so many in cheap stacks I don't think it really matters. They stay small and compact rather than using some device out of knex. Whatever it's obvious you don't approve of my idea but I like it and it works so I'm done here.
I approve of Hobo Lord's idea, I don't approve of it being called a magazine.
never said the idea itself was a magazine I call it a clip like everyone else but then what do you want to call the idea of attaching it to the auto loader and inserting it as one piece? Other than "a poorly designed wanna be magazine"
I would call it a poorly designed clip. Hobo's was the same, and if he removed the bottommost piece of ammo, then he could have attached the "ammoloader" to his as well.
OK whatever it works. It cuts down time I know it sucks but it works. I said you could make a better one never said mine was all that great. End of story?
Woooo! That looks very interesting!
Thanks, man!
(lol and Dsman said it was impossible) Well it depends on what method. You can load the clip and the auto loader separatly or you can sacrafice a piece of ammo to attach it to the auto loader ad thus you have a magazine. A magazine both stores ammo and loads it. Well the ammo is attached (stored) and to the auto loader (loads). The you can simply twist on and off the device when it is empty. My method is better than making the magazine the handle with a little shell over to hold when emptied.
Err, removable mag in the handle. Or maybe a removable mag that is the handle.
MI69 years ago
I want it ! I want to mod it more powerful and longer barrel maybe ! ARE YOU F***ING CRAZY ? YOU WILL BE IF U DONT POST THIS ! *calm now*
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It's really not hard to build it from the picture, I suggest actually trying to do so.
no kidding. I might just end up building it myself and try making it better. I mean it's sad people couldn't even figure out how I shrunk my TDS to make the mini version...what can you do.
Most of those ppl were new.
nope the gun exploded in my face
i cant cause i soon to post (a vid) gun sear system
i cant cause i soon to post (a vid) gun sear system
Please post this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will build and modify. :D
Just build it from the picture, it's pretty easy.
Yes, but I can't really tell how to make the trigger system.
alright I'll post a modified version. I'll probably combine it with my TDS. Of course I need permission from oodalumps first.
Oodalumps if your out there please give him promision!!! lol Anyway I can't wait. How far does it shoot? Just curious. Thank you!!! :D
Lol well I'm not sure if I really want to anymore. I built all up to the semi auto mech and it hardly pulls the pin back. You could probably modify this but it still wouldn't get much power.
Your to hard on yourself when it comes to names...
oodalumps (author)  I_am_Canadian9 years ago
Well it's my worst shooting semi-auto. Also, Mepain recommended the name lol.
Good ol' Mepain.
bruce9119 years ago
HAHA, nice, pretty cool, I am going to build when I get the time.
Nice Oodalumps! Five thumbs up!
smidge1479 years ago
well it may not be powerful but it definately a first.
bakenbitz9 years ago
I just built it and its pretty awesome. Only goes like 3 feet though.