Knex Semi automatic Blowback pistol V1 & V2

Hello, here is my Knex semi-automatic blow back pistol that yes, actually worked! It held 4 rounds and it could shoot very rapidly. The slide pulled back about two inches but slammed forward with power! It shot 35 feet using one rubber band.
The V2 is the non metallic version. It holds five grey connectors and can shoot 30- 40 feet using two #64 rubberbands. Its slide can pull back three inches before slamming back to fire the bullet. It also has a much better construction build than the V1 but doesn't look as good.

Picture of Knex Semi automatic Blowback pistol V1 & V2
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CODawesome4 years ago
pretty cool mech! but there is no possibility that it can shoot 30-40 feet when it is a semi auto. the pin doesn't move back far enough as a bolt action or a slide action. i've seen the video from RBW and the top part moves back less than 1 inch (approximate). But still, it's a beast idea.
tumidaj4 years ago
It's uncommon! i must try it :)
Blue Mullet (author)  tumidaj4 years ago
Its posted!
You should post both if that's not to much to ask
didexo4 years ago
Looking forward to it....
Blue Mullet (author)  didexo4 years ago
You sure do sound like it! Lol, JK.
Not anymore now that it is out :D
so....................... are you going to post this?
Blue Mullet (author)  TheAwesomestDude4 years ago
Like no offense but its about time
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