Knex Sharp Shooter

Here is my Blue Mullet Sharp Shooter! Its my favorite sniper rifle I've ever built, which is why it is posted in the forums. Its generic design makes for a strong body, barrel, and handle. It features in having a magazine release, a safety mechanism, and a true bolt action internal mechanism. It also has two bolt layout designs suitable for this rifle. More specs:
  • Shoots 35FT using three long rubberbands.
  • Removable 8 round yellow rod magazine.
  • Working safely, magazine release mechanism's.
  • True trigger design.
  • Removable scope, revealing bed sights.
  • Two different bolt layouts.
  • No wobble or flimsy parts.
  • Front grip accepts accessories.

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~KnexBuild~3 years ago
Is this an actual bolt action, like the ZKAR?
post? :D looks a bit basic but cool anyway :D
This is really nice!
Johnhall143 years ago
Nice,I like it =) Looks simple which is good,has a few places that just look kinda...idk...awkward. Other than that I like it =D
I really don't understand you people... How is this generic? Really?

Generic: "characteristic of or relating to a class or group of things; not specific."

Generic does not mean "not new," it means that something belongs to a certain class. The BMSS is not generic. BM might think that it it simple, but it is not generic.

As to the BMSS, it looks really, really nice. I am a really big fan of your building style, and the more and more you post, the more and more I feel I have a ton to learn. I have only been building K'NEX guns for a year or so...
Generic translated into Dutch, with some English synonyms, as given by google translate.
general, public, common, universal, generic, popular

Now is GT not the most reliable way to translate stuff, but for single words, it's decent enough.
Generic is the word for stuff like this (No offense mister Mullet), and lots of other stuff that is, well, generic. It's like the best word to describe stuff like this.
It's used since a pretty long time, and will be used for longer, as it just fits this situation.
Well, I would not use Google translate, as that is not an actual dictionary. All the same, I do not believe that your definition is correct, mine is probably more accurate. =D

I don't think that generic is the word for builds like this, words like simple, not new, basic are better words, and as this is a BA gun, it is neither simple nor basic, and thus fits under the words "not new."

Well, just because it has been used for a long time, and just because it probably will get used for a long time, does not make it correct.
But everyone knows what is meant with the word, so why not just keep using it? People use clip instead of magazine a lot too, and it's often also not correct :p
"Basic" or "simple" is most of the time not the word I'm looking for, and generic fulfills it for me ;p
Maybe so, but that does not change the real definition one jot. Well, as to the clip / magazine war, I find it annoying, but not harmful. They both mean the same thing. But when it comes to generic and usual, they don't both mean the same thing.
I don't find the generic case harmful either, as everyone knows what you mean when saying that.
What I find funny, is that the word 'generic' is used in this context for probably years now, and only now you start this ;p
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