Knex Sharp Shooter

Here is my Blue Mullet Sharp Shooter! Its my favorite sniper rifle I've ever built, which is why it is posted in the forums. Its generic design makes for a strong body, barrel, and handle. It features in having a magazine release, a safety mechanism, and a true bolt action internal mechanism. It also has two bolt layout designs suitable for this rifle. More specs:
  • Shoots 35FT using three long rubberbands.
  • Removable 8 round yellow rod magazine.
  • Working safely, magazine release mechanism's.
  • True trigger design.
  • Removable scope, revealing bed sights.
  • Two different bolt layouts.
  • No wobble or flimsy parts.
  • Front grip accepts accessories.

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~KnexBuild~4 years ago
Is this an actual bolt action, like the ZKAR?
D: but i lets see about the other gun. at least the scope on this?
cant wait :))
lol :P post? looks plenty good enough to be posted :P
No prob! =D
post? :D looks a bit basic but cool anyway :D
No, no, no, you are missing the point. Generic is not the correct words. As I stated above, this gun cannot be "generic," as it does not fulfill the definition of generic.
I do not remember posting that comment XD ..... wait a second I was in school, How did that post itself?????? XD
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