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What kind of knex sidearm do you use? Or do you even use a sidearm? This topic is for showing off your knex sidearms, but please, do not post it unless it is new. This is my knex sidearm, I will not be posting it because it is not new (other than the trigger), so don't ask. It is a semi-compact pistol. It has a hole you can put your thumb in so it is harder for someone to hit it out of your hand. It also has sights on the ram, and it has a new but simple trigger.

Picture of Knex Sidearm
sidearm 003.jpg
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auto olly7 years ago
has any one made a slide action pistol
Whaleman (author)  auto olly7 years ago
Slide action. Dunno what that is, but there have been many guns with slides. Try using the search. It's there for a reason.
Slide is like pump action, but with the pump on top, of sorts. There's been plenty.
Whaleman (author)  Raikou-san7 years ago
So it's a pistol with a slide. I wouldn't call that slide action.
I'd probably use the GD3 in a combat situation or war, or Zak's little gun for fun.
TheDunkis9 years ago
In the sake of my own interest and of not posting a new topic I shall revive this topic by the power I guess myself! I want to see what peoples' opinions are now in a new age of repeating side arms. Loosewire used to be ahead of his time (although unfortunately not ahead in reliability) but now we have guns like the DMS, the TDS (and it's many variants), and ironman's pistols. Of course now I use the TDS as my side arm. So what are you guys using now?
yours most reliable ive found only thing is that the shells dont work
the el diablo pistol
DJ Radio9 years ago
brand new knex pistol:
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