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What kind of knex sidearm do you use? Or do you even use a sidearm? This topic is for showing off your knex sidearms, but please, do not post it unless it is new. This is my knex sidearm, I will not be posting it because it is not new (other than the trigger), so don't ask. It is a semi-compact pistol. It has a hole you can put your thumb in so it is harder for someone to hit it out of your hand. It also has sights on the ram, and it has a new but simple trigger.

Picture of Knex Sidearm
sidearm 003.jpg
sidearm 001.jpg
sidearm 004.jpg
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auto olly6 years ago
has any one made a slide action pistol
Whaleman (author)  auto olly6 years ago
Slide action. Dunno what that is, but there have been many guns with slides. Try using the search. It's there for a reason.
Slide is like pump action, but with the pump on top, of sorts. There's been plenty.
Whaleman (author)  Raikou-san6 years ago
So it's a pistol with a slide. I wouldn't call that slide action.
I'd probably use the GD3 in a combat situation or war, or Zak's little gun for fun.
TheDunkis7 years ago
In the sake of my own interest and of not posting a new topic I shall revive this topic by the power of...um I guess myself! I want to see what peoples' opinions are now in a new age of repeating side arms. Loosewire used to be ahead of his time (although unfortunately not ahead in reliability) but now we have guns like the DMS, the TDS (and it's many variants), and ironman's pistols. Of course now I use the TDS as my side arm. So what are you guys using now?
yours most reliable ive found only thing is that the shells dont work
the el diablo pistol
DJ Radio8 years ago
brand new knex pistol:
Imaging fail.
I accidentally deleted the image........
DJ Radio8 years ago
my sidearm may be the only full auto on the site...
Whaleman (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Not really. There are plenty other full autos, Bakenbitz, Mepain, and oodalumps each have at least one on this site, I have two, one needs a stronger motor, and another is not on this site (so, I guess you don't have to count it). There is another full auto RBG, besides yours (and I don't really like full auto RBGs, they are just regular RBGs, except you cannot control the flow of rubber bands. As soon as you pull the trigger, all the ammo is released in a matter of milliseconds, so fast that, even if you could control whether or not it shot after the initial trigger pull, it would be too fast).
full auto PISTOL you forgot it was a pistol
Whaleman (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
No I didn't, you said it was "the only full auto on the site," not that it was the only full auto pistol on the site. Besides, my semi-fully pistol is a fully automatic pisol with the addition of a motor. Just because it is a "sidearm," doesn't make it a pistol. Snipers often use M4s or MP5s as sidearms, and yours looks more like an SMG than a pistol, in my opinion.
you and your teaching...
I'm not a gun expert, so I have to take your word on it. but, it's the only full auto SMG (what does it mean) that runs without a motor. The mechanism is actually powered by the ammo and the trigger is just a lock that keeps the mechanism from working anyway... just FYI on how it works.
Whaleman (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
I know how it works (SMG is sub-machine gun). No, it is not the only full auto knex gun to run without a motor. There are, in fact, two others. One is the other "full auto" RBG, and the other is my own full auto on Knex innovation. I know that the trigger is just a lock, it is, in essence, a ratchet. The wheel only goes back. The thing I don't like about full auto RBGs is that once the trigger is pulled, the whole "clip" is unloaded. You could not do a three shot burst, even if you wanted to. And it unloads the rubber bands so fast that it seems more like one shotgun style shot than 8 individually fired shots.
What do you mean by "You could not do a three shot burst, even if you wanted to"? could you list the problems with the gun at your next comment? thanks
Whaleman (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
To see what I mean, fully load up the gun. Now, try to shoot only three shots out of the 8. No. I have listed the problems before.
well.... it may be a problem depending on the person. How do you propose to make the gun better?
Whaleman (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
I don't. It is nigh impossible to make a single-barreled, fully automatic RBG that doesn't have those problems.
yeah.. I took it apart and I'm making a semi-auto sniper now. I also said on the slideshow that it was something of a last resort for the scenario where you run out of ammo for all your other guns...
yeah man I made my STG44 with something similar but I could never figure out how to slow down the rate of fire. I'm not trying to sound harsh but you really need to stop feeling so great about your gun. I would love to use it though as like you said. If they are charging me I would just whip it out and unleash an unavoidable wave.
I dont feel great about my gun. That's why I took it apart and made a sniper rifle!
Hmpf. Looks like someone on this site uses their macro on their camera!

Nice gun. Ammo?
Whaleman (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
Indeed I do! Pretty much anything, there is an instructable of it somewhere.
I just made it. Awesome stuff, man!
Whaleman (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
Thanks! Have you seen the new KI? It is now hosted at Knexinnovation.net. I have posted my newest sidearm there, the Luzemdrut Lekki.
Yep, Ive been there. i havent seen your sidearm though.... Ill have to look for that one.
Whaleman (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
It is in a comment under Guns-Pistols-Dsman's Sidearm, but I don't think you can get into that section without an account.
I had a look, It wont let me view the pictures. Can you post any here?
Whaleman (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
It won't let you view the images because the site underwent maintenance and the uploaded images got screwed up. I reposted them, so you should be able to view them now.
Sweet! I just checked them out. Posting it anytime soon?
Whaleman (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
Probably not.
IVe got an account, Ill go check it out!
Where oh where?
MI68 years ago
Yeah, nice. Why bother if you font want to post it.
MI68 years ago
i like side-arms
knexguy8 years ago
I used to use the AP-2, but now I use the Pereira pistol.
dsman1952768 years ago
i use a mod of Killerks pistol for my sidearm.
the dawg8 years ago
i would just duel weild 2 shotguns.
Whaleman (author)  the dawg8 years ago
As a sidearm? What would your main weapon be? An "Avenger?"
no duel miniguns. muhahahahaha
Whaleman (author)  the dawg8 years ago
Do you even know what an Avenger is? It is a 20ft long 30mm chain gun. It weighs over 1200 pounds, unloaded.
i do they sometimes have them on planes type it in google.
Whaleman (author)  the dawg8 years ago
They have them in Warthogs. Typical combat load (1100 rds) lasts about 35 seconds.
and they are HUGE!!
those are 7 barrel gattling guns.
i know.
Wicky Whaleman8 years ago
Even if the miniguns were made out of knex it would be very heavy lol...
TheDunkis8 years ago
I just got a new idea until someone else gives me an idea for a good gun. I figure this would be an awsome idea. I'm going to attempt a slide action crossbow pistol hybrid with handle load magazine. The magazine and the cross bow frame shouldn't be too hard. It's making it slide action that might get a little tricky.
Whaleman (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
I have a pistol crossbow like that, 'cept you pull on a lever at the back instead of a slide on top, so that it is easier to load.
I really like your pistol above and I would use something like it with a snugg handle.
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\James Photos\knex\2007-06-30-2128-51\DSCF0127.JPG
That's still my favorite pistol. People still want you to post that. I'm willing to post it for you if you'd let me. I have an idea for a different white rod magezine that still has an angle to it but not as much and is a lot less likely to jam.
a snugg handle? or snug? I like yours, very ingenious, first of its kind, but I recall it jamming and having low ranges. This gun doesn't have great ranges either, maybe 20 feet, but that is about the width of my house anyway, so it is ok.
Yeah that was the problem with it but I'm not great at making a really good and reliable gun I am really only good at ideas that I can't perfect. I was just using it as an example, yours is way better.
I made killerk's pistol with a true trigger, very powerful, but it is inaccurate w/o the sniper round.
me too
TheDunkis8 years ago
I use my semi newish uzi. (more realistic than most other uzis you see...people's defenition of uzi here is a pistol in the shape of a "T" pretty much) It's basic enough and has an easy auto load handle magezine which I find useful. I also have a not so new but never befor posted tiny uzi-like pistol which is reliable enough but smaller. I made it when I was still a newb and I thought it was great.
Wicky8 years ago
Having a sidearm would be very important for me in a knex war, because it takes very long to reload my crossbow. I have this as sidearm lol....it is pretty powerful and light, also very easy to reload...one bad point is that you can't have it preloaded...
nerfer1928 years ago
sum1 make a small magged pistol pleese
nerfer1928 years ago
mine is a killerk copy, but has a true trigger.
Whaleman (author)  nerfer1928 years ago
Yes, see, it is people like you who make something, it is good, but it is simple and thus does not really need to be posted. And you realize it doesn't need to be posted!
so your saying im smart for not posting and taking all that "no killerk copy" crap?
Whaleman (author)  nerfer1928 years ago
Yes. Although putting a "true" trigger on a KILLERK gun is new-ish, neither the trigger nor the gun were new.
it was a new trigger though
well biggunner wants me to, but i dont think i will, i really dont want to anyway, plus what you said.
altaria19938 years ago
i use your gun and a small block trigger one for testing new types of custom ammo, it fires very hard, though its hard to reload of the mass amount of rubber bands (1 :P) and it still fires VERY string, prolly because it is a tiny(strong) band :P
Mepain8 years ago
I'd use my first pistol, seeing how versatile it is.
Whaleman (author)  Mepain8 years ago
Well, versatility is usually an attribute of a primary weapon. But Good choice.
i reckon u shud post this, its a well built gun that doesn't use many peices and would be dead easy to build. just a though. Goose
Whaleman (author)  Flie-Ing GOOse8 years ago
That is just the thing, it is easy enough to build from these pictures.
4 people like me an u yes, but it would be a gr8 beginer gun 4 those who can't build from the pic
Those who can't build from the pic have problems...
yh, ok, i agree
Whaleman (author)  Mepain8 years ago
problemos indeed.
adamsdead8 years ago
I'd just use my left or right side arm lol ( really I'd probably use the Winona)
Whaleman (author)  adamsdead8 years ago
Yeah, the winona was pretty good.
yeah (stares into the void saying "Ah good times good times" lol)
oodalumps8 years ago
I'd just use KILLERK's pistol.
Whaleman (author)  oodalumps8 years ago
yeah, a lot of people would.
T-man8 years ago
my side arm is alathad`s knex pistol.
Whaleman (author)  T-man8 years ago
Whaleman (author) 8 years ago
So, now it is your turn to show off your knex sidearms!!!!!!