Knex Spartan Laser

Here is a Knex Spartan Laser I made, it shoots rubber bands. If you would like me to post instructions please say so.

Picture of Knex Spartan Laser
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add instructions
This was posted THREE YEARS AGO!

Just build Baken's newest gun, the SwagBoss, it's about 300,000 times better.
nekie818 years ago
can u post instuctions
travw nekie818 years ago
Don't bump.
And clean up your posts.
SonicX 229 years ago
I agree with Robot Builder its cool please!!!!!!!!! post instructions!!!!!!
:D ty
bakenbitz (author)  SonicX 229 years ago
It's easily build able from the pictures.
SonicX 228 years ago
if it shoots rubberbands then instead of a white connector have a gear sinse gears have 15 - 20 shots then when u shoot it it will sorta look like a laser
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