Knex Torque Bow

Gears of War Torque Bow.


All the pictures have been taken for instructions. Expect them soon.

Explosive rounds have been designed.

Just finished making this. Thanks to dsman for the barrel.

Picture of Knex Torque Bow
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Vynash8 years ago
oh nice looks just like the real one post!
bakenbitz (author)  Vynash8 years ago
sweet ill go and rate!
DRADIS8 years ago
That looks sweet. Too bad the arms don't actually function...
bakenbitz (author)  DRADIS8 years ago
bakenbitz (author)  DRADIS8 years ago
They can move up and down a bit.
jollex8 years ago
Do the "bow arms" actually serve a purpose, or are they just for looks?
bakenbitz (author)  jollex8 years ago
Just looks.
Are they tough though? I woud definately build if they were tough too!
bakenbitz (author)  Storm9508 years ago
They only brake if you try to move them.
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