Knex Transformer Contest: Blackout

Hello everyone, I am going to have a knex transformers contest as you can tell. If you don't know what a transformer or knex are you better get off this forum, just kidding. Anyone interested I will be more than happy to see your work. You will build the fist model from May 5,2009 to May 18,2009. You will then build a second model the next two weeks, then the third model the next two weeks. Each model will be judged three times!!! Build away and good luck. PS> I might enter <

Picture of Knex Transformer Contest:  Blackout
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rensje8 years ago
you wanted a rematch from the last contest?
DJ Radio8 years ago
The transformers are really Robbers in disguise. How do I know? Their leader is Optimus Crime!
FeverSoccer (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Was that supposed to be funny
yeah..... Its not my original joke though.
Dutchj DJ Radio8 years ago
You've been on KI lately I presume?
DJ Radio Dutchj8 years ago
I logon once a week.
pls DJ Radio8 years ago
Lol :D
Oh the (not) lols...