Knex Transformers from the new movie

I used the transformer toy images from to build these transformers, they are true transformations they don't have to be taken apart to transform them.

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justavip10 years ago
what would be cool is having a rc transformer that want be cool
i have one but it doesnt transform
thers already one that v bot thing
AUG-5OM37 years ago
i've just posted this one plz comment and suscribe
AUG-5OM37 years ago
can you please post some more pictures of the '73 camaro (the front and the back)????
Tyler20197 years ago
Could you please make an instructable for them please
Jarez Patel8 years ago
DUDE post the pictures on how 2 make optimus prime!!!! this is by far the best knex transformers i have ever seen!! :D Post photos!!
nah his knextamus prime now thats the best
can plz post link foe the place u got da photos from that u used to build them
hi im really interested in building ironhide . hes freakin awesome. can plz post some more pictures close up of the back of his legs and and in his chest and stuff coz im havin trouble seeing how dat all works cheers .
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