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ninjusk7 years ago
what is the point of not showing any of the pic
it is sad because this in an you are keeping it to you self and not letting any one show any pics of it
i would like to know some reasoning behind it

watch the youtube to see the gun.
i have but i could not build it from the vid
ok. figures.
travw ninjusk7 years ago
He doesn't want people to build it, that's why.
I find it selfish, and not a little childish, but whatever. His choice.
ninjusk travw7 years ago
i realy want it but the only pic i can find is this
is there anyone who would be  willing to send me pic of it

travw7 years ago
Sorry Zak. But it's an old pic anyway.
Secret gun (2).jpg
Knarez (author) 7 years ago
Guys, I don't even have this thing built right now. Yes, I wanted to keep it to myself. If I ever rebuild it or something of the sort, perhaps I'll share? I'm fine with being selfish. =]
travw Knarez7 years ago
Ok, but can you at least give a legitimate reason, other than selfishness? Because it's a great gun, and I'm not sure why you wouldn't want others to see it's awesomenessness.
ninjusk Knarez7 years ago
would you at least allow people to show pics of it

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