Knex Update: 10/11/09

Comments? Ideas? Haikus?

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cj814998 years ago
       my haiku

kne'x is very very cool
i like pie because its cool
jollex is coolness

The the apostrophy is in between the k and n not between the e and x. This is how its suposed to be:K'nex

that doesn't sound right. Isn't it supposed to be 5-7-5?
If he takes out one of the "Very"s in the first line, it will be 5-7-5.
jollex (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
 Uh no. If he takes one of the "very"s out of the first line it'll be 6-7-5.
My second guess is you were thinking of kah-nex or something. well apparently it all flows together. There is no vowel in between the K and N shown by the ' so really there should be no saparating sound. I've seen it in song books where they spell over as o'er so that you can sing it on one note for example.
jollex (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
 How do you pronounce knex then?  I pronounce it ka-nex.
I make the C or K sound and flow right into N. It's not that hard. It's just like an added sound affect at the beginning of the word. Think of when people like to pretend radio. kkkkkkk roger that.
Here's the best explanation: It sounds very similar to "Connects", according to wikipedia.
You pronounce it Connex?

Hmm... I say Kn-ex, no o's in there for me...
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