Knex Update: 12/12/09

Another update.  Please answer the questions asked in the video.


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DJ Radio7 years ago
Desert eagle: Change that orange connector to a yellow and add a rubberband to make it go down. It should work.

Gun after Deagle: Did you fire this gun at all?

Single shot: Looks like a combo of ZKAR/ZLG.  I thought you said you got a haircut lol.
jollex (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
 1. I've made the trigger kinda work before, I'm just taking it apart cause I'm tired of it.
2. Not in the video but outside the video yes.
3. Yeah I notice that it looks like some of Zak's guns.
4. When did I say I got a haircut?
DJ Radio jollex7 years ago
1. Ok, but maybe you should try.
2. Ok
3. No comment
jollex (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
1. I've already taken pictures of the insides and taken it apart.
4. Oh yeah, that whole thing was a lie, lol.
DJ Radio jollex7 years ago
1- That's fine then.
4- That's what I thought.
I thought he was french
He said he doesn't live in France anymore.
jollex (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
 That was also a lie.
DJ Radio jollex7 years ago
*sets Jollex's pants on fire*
*sets DJ's pants on fire*
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