K'nex WAR 2013!

08/25/2013 Another great K'nex War!!!!! some pics of the war and video. Also I have several mods for my TR8-2013 from the war! pics on the TR8-2013 ible coming soon! For now here are some of the mods pictured below.

The K'nex War will be held in Fremont Ohio on August 24th at 12 noon! Below is a link to the park we will be having the War! https://plus.google.com/102662708119502106245/about?gl=US&hl=en-US
Hope to see you there! Please message me or comment below if interested.

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Mepain4 years ago
XD, one of those dudes has a Cederville t-shirt. My grandparents live like 2 minuets from Cederville college.
What is the average age there? 22? I thought at least a few younger people would show up.
ZakS TheRacker4 years ago
I was the youngest at 15 I believe.
ZakS Mepain4 years ago
that pic tho..
Knex Lego Maniac (author) 4 years ago
prototype charging handle for those who would like one!
K'nex handle 001.JPGK'nex handle 002.JPGK'nex handle 003.JPG
Sweet, I'm going to do this to my TR18.
Knex Lego Maniac (author)  TheRacker4 years ago
It works great hasn't broke yet and I am using up to 5 bands in tests. I had my brother, friend, and fiance' try it out. They all liked it a lot. It is kinda fun with the dark gray single slot connector acting as the rear sight too. Makes aiming a bit easier. I have a few different designs I was working on this one is the one I ended up going with so far. I plan on posting a few more ideas soon.
Mepain4 years ago
Dudes I just made this sik gun yo.

I call it the #yolo
ZakS Mepain4 years ago
Photo Aug 24, 6 10 04 PM.jpg
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