K'nex War 2015!

K'nex War 2015 will be held in Fremont Ohio on ??? at 12 noon Eastern time! Here is a link to the park the war will take place.
Please comment below if you plan on attending. Hope to see you all there!

K'nex, games, community, and BBQ all come together for a day of fun, friends, and learning. This page will be host to many pictures and videos from the event so be sure to check back after the war to view it all.

Those committed to showing
KILLERK + wife

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KILLERK (author) 9 months ago

Pics from the war!

KILLERK (author)  KILLERK9 months ago

videos on being uploaded to youtube soon check them out on my KILLERK account

Say, since I won't be able to show, how about some close up pictures of some of the simpler guns? (Mostly tube and stick guns, like Skittles and Knexsayer 2,) since I might have a chance at building some of these guns that have only been seen at the war?

KILLERK (author) 6 days ago

We are yet to decide on a date. Once we figure out who is interested we will do our best to pick a day everyone can make it out! If interested in coming comment below. It would be fun to meet new people/builders! Hope to see everyone there this year!

KILLERK (author) 7 days ago

Time to start figuring out who's interested in going ro a K'nex war this summer and when best to plan it!

I think you should, even though I would be unable to attend.

JonnyBGood7 days ago

Time to start building TR8s!

Love to see some new builders down there this year!

Mepain9 months ago



Hello, ladies and gentlemen, here I am... Sounding creepy. From left to right, who are all of those guys, so I can put a name and face to an online account...

Storm trooper shirt.

I'm wearing the light blue Michigan tee shirt

Well to start I'm all the way on the right wearing the instructibles t-shirt. Too be completely honest there were only four builders from this site there the rest were people who came to play. (and shoot each other ;D)

KILLERK (author)  Mepain9 months ago

another fun war and beautiful weather. Looking forward to building with you all soon.

KILLERK (author) 9 months ago

At the war my TR8 held up flawlessly. I supplied 4 TR8's for myself and friends. 3 of the 4 had not a single incident and shot great all day. The 4th my brother's did encounter some problems only because his gun took a direct hit breaking some pieces and once because he threw it to the ground. So user error aside the gun preformed perfectly and the slide never failed including the charging handle variation. I did find the second trigger band to generate more wear and friction on the gun than I would like so I modded that after the war and the new trigger pin seems at least in tests to hold up better than previous versions. Pictures and explication soon. Added a supportive structure near the handle but more as a preference than need. I'm happy with the gun it shot great even in hot humid environment. Piotmetans build a very nice TR and I hope to build one similar to have one for myself and try it out. Again pics soon of my TR8 from the war and afterwards mods soon.

KILLERK (author) 9 months ago check out videos from the war here

JonnyBGood9 months ago

The first of many knex wars of the day, the builders beat out the tag alongs! I know the angles aren't the best but it makes me relive the battle everytime I watch it.

First person shooter style!

TheDunkis11 months ago

What sort of weapon variety will there be this year? Any combat-ready shotguns? Oodammo pistols? Semi-practical semi autos?

KILLERK (author)  TheDunkis9 months ago

still think you should show!

TheDunkis KILLERK9 months ago

As do I. But impractical to make the drive out there. Just do me a favor and take a DunKillMeZak. =P

Mepain TheDunkis11 months ago

Some TR8s with priming handles, some TR8s with different lengths of stocks, some TR8s with handles covered in tires or covered in e-tape, some TR8s with varying pin draw distances, some TR8s with different ratchet mechanisms or with the wheel on the front and some without. Man, the variety is great!

What's a shotgun?

TheDunkis Mepain11 months ago

Was just waiting for that. To each his or her own, but I find everyone using a TR at a K'nex war to be just a tad boring when the idea of K'nex is to, y'know, build a bunch of unique creations. Customization maybe, but the same gun nonetheless. Oh well, no huge deal.

KILLERK (author)  TheDunkis11 months ago

just show you have an excuse each year just show have some fun. Bring your guns.

TheDunkis KILLERK11 months ago

I'd happily compete with my oodammo pistol if I could. But again, it's just not likely for me to come out. The time and money it would take just doesn't make it worth it unless I only had to drive 3 hours away max.

KILLERK (author)  TheDunkis10 months ago

I think you should come

Well if it counts for anything, I plan on using my Zip3 for a round or two depending on how the first one goes. I expect it to go well since I'm sure I'll compete with range.

KILLERK (author)  Mepain11 months ago


KILLERK (author)  Mepain11 months ago

you going?!

didexo Mepain11 months ago



KILLERK (author)  TheDunkis11 months ago

dude show bring any fun you want! Honestly you'll be missing out and so will we. Always good to meet the community and see new ideas and builds.

KILLERK (author) 9 months ago

K'nex War 2014 is this weekend! Excited to see all the guys and guns. BBQ sounds awesome here is a list of some of the items being brought. Homemade chilli, chicken wings homemade sauce, kabobs, hotdogs and topping of course, fruit salad, pasta salad, chips, pop, water, cookies, and probably a few other items I forgot to mention. So come hungry lol

akshat2104512 months ago

Ok, make me a possibility! 60-70% chance of coming. It would be nice meeting with some more k'nexers!

KILLERK (author)  akshat210459 months ago

so you coming?

Sweet! It'll be great to meet you finally!

Same here!

What guns do you plan on bringing?

Well, I was gonna take some advice from you for that! If you get Zip3 posted by May, then I have a few choices!


Zip3, Zip2, RSLW, or Defiance.


Buzzsaw, Slinghammer (I'm still on to it)

Well I'll tell you my advice, bring a TR-8! I didn't bring one last year and I was the only one who didn't and I got burned for it (in battle anyway..). The TR-8 works well in war scenario and won't fail or break easily. I'm planning on bringing Zip3 (For a primary war use), Zip2 (for show, and to maybe use for close quarter combat), a personalized TR-8 and whatever else I throw together between now and then.

If I were you, I would not bring any of my guns to a K'NEX war. In the first place, the RLSW shoots such a short round, you'll loose a tone of your ammo, it blends in with grass. =D

I also suggest you don't bring the Defiance, it has not been war tried, and might not hold up. It still needs some work, work that I was not patient enough to do. D=

As to the Slinghammer you could bring it as a seccondary, but I am not even sure if if will do you much good. If there were a ton of K'NEXers going, it might help, but if there is 10 or less, I'd just stick with the TR8 and the NAR.

KILLERK (author)  akshat2104512 months ago


Mepain10 months ago

I got guns fo' days.

Mace! Mepain9 months ago

That repeating shotgun!

Someone NEEDS to post that

ez to make dude

KILLERK (author)  GrandeSwag9 months ago

you going to make the trip out?


KILLERK (author)  Mepain10 months ago

sweet I have some guys that need guns

Did you guys see the post on Facebook?

KILLERK (author)  Penolopy Bulnick9 months ago

yes thank you again for the post!

wilgubeast9 months ago

Someone please PM me the precise, final dates so I can have some flyers designed for your event.

KNEX enthusiasts get too little official love here on Instructables, and I'd like to support this event somehow. Let me know how I can help.

KILLERK (author)  wilgubeast9 months ago

K'nex War 2014 will be held in Fremont Ohio on July 13th at 12 noon Eastern time! Below is a link to the park we will be having the War!

Thank you for the advertisement

Woah... Megasized...

Working on a flyer for you to print, post to FB, etc. If you change the date again, though, photoshopping the flyer is up to you.

KILLERK (author) 9 months ago

well the war is almost here! I have been very busy lately with little time to build so I'm excited to see everyones stuff! Hopefully it'll spark some build ideas. I already love a few different ideas I've seen a few people come up with. Again just very excited to see the guns and guys. Of course shooting and eating food sounds fun too.

GrandeSwag10 months ago


KILLERK (author)  GrandeSwag10 months ago

lol you should show man! Lol if a FireFighter medic can show with his smokin hot wife I'm sure you can fit in with us cool kids lol but seriously man it's been awhile! How you been?

GrandeSwag KILLERK10 months ago

sup my dude!

LOL, WTFlip does that even mean!?!?

My bro and I are with you in spirit. =D

mikeasaurus11 months ago

Sound like fun. Take loads of pictures so we can see what you got up to!

Pictures? Heck, I'm going to video record it!

I hope some year someone is able to do a first-person recording. Not that it'd be particularly exciting for a K'nex war, but it'd better than having a camera man.

True, Maybe I can make a knex camera attachment for my knex gun... I'm going to have to try that.

I'll show you a good mount design this weekend man.

Sounds good what will the mount be fitted for camera wise? I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Camera which I was planning to build a mount for eventually... I need my phone for my smartwatch.

Mounts can be universal for all phones. I have many different designs, as I've had many different types of phones. I have a few designs to show you.


Eh, try going to for a head-mounted camera setup if possible. Gun ones can be cool too, but then your view is stuck to the gun being swung around and pointed at the ground while moving. And it'd be neat to see charging and reload the weapon.

hmmm.... we'll see. I don't have a go pro so getting a more fps perspective will be tricky.

You got it!

Me too! :P

KILLERK (author)  nerfrocketeer11 months ago

are you coming?!

Sí, señor, unless something drastic happens...

KILLERK (author)  nerfrocketeer10 months ago

very cool what guns you plan on bringing?!

Well, Jonny offered to make me a TR8, and I plan on bringing a few smaller pistols, as well as a few other options.

I might also try to come up with someting of my own. Haven't had much luck with that in the past though... :/

KILLERK (author)  nerfrocketeer11 months ago

awesome! Sounds like we are going to have another Great War! The war was postponed to July 13th. I can't wait tho!

Yeah I saw, but I can still make it. :)

KILLERK (author)  mikeasaurus11 months ago

will do

Nice, but for me America is the other side of the world >.<

If I'd live in America, I would come over there immediately, even not being a gun builder, it would still be nice to meet other knexers in real life.

Well if you were to arrange going I'd have a gun for you!

Thanks, because I think i wont win with a standard block trigger gun (is it called like that?)

Or I can also use my secret weapon: taking a huge ball machine with me on the plane and then, when you try to shoot me, I'll throw it on you so you can't move anymore, I win! :D

My only question then is how would you throw it?=P I will watch for large falling masses of knex then.

Hm good question... I'll find a solution, hopefully :)


That will have to be a large trebuchet ;)

2200th comment BTW :D


JonnyBGood11 months ago

Well I'm ready to war! Built a Tr-8 and a R5 Defiance to go along with my Zip3. This is going to be great!

No way, you are bringing a R5! Dude, you just made my day! Let me know how it does in war!?!? I love to hear what you think I should improve!

KILLERK (author)  The Red Book of Westmarch11 months ago

just show!

KILLERK (author) 11 months ago

anyone else showing this year? I may have a few more friends coming not sure tho

Hey count me as a possibility for this year!

KILLERK (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago

nice! June or July work good for you?!

Yeah, as long as it's in the summer!

KILLERK (author)  nerfrocketeer11 months ago

June 1st you in?

Sorry I don't know yet. :/

Awesome! What gun are you going to build for the war?

Well, provided I can make it, I would probably build a few smaller guns and go covert ops... I don't have the pieces to build a large gun, but I may try to bring a small smg style knex gun or pistol, and maybe a few other things...

Well, if you can make it, and have enough pieces, I highly recommend a TR-8. Regardless make sure your gun can shoot 40ft before the war (that's was the typical close engagement distance).

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