K'nex War 2015!

K'nex War 2015 will be held in Fremont Ohio on ??? at 12 noon Eastern time! Here is a link to the park the war will take place. https://plus.google.com/102662708119502106245/about?gl=US&hl=en-US
Please comment below if you plan on attending. Hope to see you all there!

K'nex, games, community, and BBQ all come together for a day of fun, friends, and learning. This page will be host to many pictures and videos from the event so be sure to check back after the war to view it all.

Those committed to showing
KILLERK + wife

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JonnyBGood2 years ago

Well I'm ready to war! Built a Tr-8 and a R5 Defiance to go along with my Zip3. This is going to be great!

No way, you are bringing a R5! Dude, you just made my day! Let me know how it does in war!?!? I love to hear what you think I should improve!

just show!

Knex Lego Maniac (author) 2 years ago

anyone else showing this year? I may have a few more friends coming not sure tho

Hey count me as a possibility for this year!

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  nerfrocketeer2 years ago

nice! June or July work good for you?!

Yeah, as long as it's in the summer!

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  nerfrocketeer2 years ago

June 1st you in?

Sorry I don't know yet. :/

Awesome! What gun are you going to build for the war?

Well, provided I can make it, I would probably build a few smaller guns and go covert ops... I don't have the pieces to build a large gun, but I may try to bring a small smg style knex gun or pistol, and maybe a few other things...

Well, if you can make it, and have enough pieces, I highly recommend a TR-8. Regardless make sure your gun can shoot 40ft before the war (that's was the typical close engagement distance).

Yeah, I'll try. School is out May 30th for me though, so it'll be tight pulling the strings... But I'll try... :)

hunter9992 years ago

Sounds great! Though like Sandro, America is a long way away and I don't think my parents would be too keen on the idea. It would be nice to meet some K'nexers though. Have fun :-)

Knex Lego Maniac (author) 2 years ago

date it set!

Is it really that time of year again!?!? Wow, where has time gone! Well, I'm in pretty much the same position as TheAwesomestDude. I live in his general direction (mid-west), and don't have my license yet. Besides, its about a 12 - 14 hour drive from where you are to where I am. So, essentially, I probably won't make it. D=

hey maybe you two could carpool! We've had guys come from further out believe it or not. You should try and make it!

Yeah, that is always a possibility, but, as I said last year, nearly impossible... sadly.

you should come man! It would be great seeing your builds in person and meeting another great builder. Invite some friends carpool and make a trip outta it

Thanks for inviting me, but I can't make it. 12 - 14 hours is no joke, and my family would need a better reason to go in that direction than just for a one-day K'NEX war. =D

How about I give you a TR8 for showing with some fin ammo! ?

That is a very kind offer, bro! But, if you don't mind my saying so, my family is a bit wary of such offers. =D LOL


No offense?

no your good just found it funny that's all but I get it.

Okay, sweet. Again, I meant no offense, and it was not really my opinion that I was speaking of... if you know what I am saying. =D

Show them this video of us not being sketchy.


Heh heh, yeah, I don't think that this video would convince them of anything in particular. =D

Nothing sketchy about that!

Dude you need to go! It will change your perspective of war knex guns forever!

Trust me, talk with your parents and try to work something out.

Yeah, it would be a lot of fun, but I can't make it. It just wouldn't work out. At least this year, if you guys could get us more pics and vids, that'd be great. =D

Well this year i'll take my camera and tripod so that will deffinitly happen. Just I won't be aiming because I'm not getting left out of the action.

Yeah, this I understand. =D

wow, is it that time again already? yeah, i guess it is

you coming?

I'd love to, but sadly no. Unless of course someone would give me a ride . . . . . . hmmmmm. If anyone is traveling up through Iowa though maybe.

It's definitely worth the trip! I drive 5 hours to get there. Not as long as you.... but it is worth the drive!

Actually google maps says 8 hours, but if my dad drove me there( i dont have a permit, im only 14) it would take 5-6 hours lol he like to go 80-90 when spped limit is 60 lol

yeah. The interstate is great for people with a heavy foot! Lol. You should still try to come.

get a ride invite friends! It's always fun meeting everyone and showing off builds. Not to mention a fun time shooting and game modes. Lunch on the BBQ! Lotta fun

zKnar2 years ago

Maybe breeej.

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  zKnar2 years ago

Dude you showing this year?!

akshat210452 years ago

Whoa! I never knew that there's a K'nex war every year! Well, I can't really come, because I am stuck over here in India for a month, so I would be in America by next month (Summer Break... woohoo!). Looks like I can't attend this one either! And anyways, Ohio is pretty far from Maryland, so I can't come anyways D:. Dang it! I had a few guns to use in the war. Maybe I'll be there next year!

Anyways, cool grenade! Could you give some info on it?

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  akshat210452 years ago

war won't take place till summer June July

Ok, maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to make it. Who comes every year?

I'm coming regardless of date time!

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  akshat210452 years ago

depends year to year but about 10 or more guys. Oodalumps Piotmetans JonnyBGood a bunch of other guys have shown in previous wars. It varies year to year. Always cool to meet new builders. And see everyone's work I highly recommend showing if you get the chance.

TheDunkis2 years ago

Huh. Already that time again. You guys should just, y'know, come up by me so I wouldn't have to drive far. It'd be awesome if we could land one of those big castley playgrounds. I'd really like to throw my Oodassault pistol into the fray and prove that TRs are overkill. Not out of bias, but out of practicality. My observations are that range can only benefit a weapon so much before the inaccuracy and speed of K'nex just make them too unsuitable for firing at distant targets. So my thought is you're better off having a fast weapon with which you can comfortably dump ammo at targets with. But I'd like to test that.

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  TheDunkis2 years ago

How are are you from Fremont Ohio

About 12+ hours by the looks of it.

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  TheDunkis2 years ago

seriously for as long as you've been around and building you gotta show! It would be fun to see your stuff in person and get to meet another good builder. Not to mention have some fun shooting guns showing them off and waring.

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  TheDunkis2 years ago

You should come on out for the day you could probably stay overnight with one of the guys that lives in Fremont. I know you'd have a good time I think this year I'm going to grill up some hot dogs and hamburgers!

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  TheDunkis2 years ago

Because I really feel you need to come

oodalumps2 years ago

Different place would be cool. I don't expect to find a good one, though.

Knex Lego Maniac (author)  oodalumps2 years ago

Try to come up with some suggestions until then let's plan on same park.

JonnyBGood2 years ago

Same place, same time, in about three weeks so I can be out of school. I'm excited to go!