Knex War Collab?

UPDATE, I now have everyone needed to start the 'ible, for those who can't find it go to:

UPDATE: I  have decided to start this abit early as I would like to have this out for christmas, failing that, new years. to all those participating, please remain impartial.

Hey guys!

I have had this idea for awhile now, what I want to do is a collaboration ible for a realistic knex war. I know jammy already did one, but I find his rules a bit unrealistic. What I want from you guys is anything related to a knex war, things like:
-choosing weapons
-rules (must be usable, like the KI ones)
-different gametypes
or even little topics like
-Tr vs Rectangle

Let me know if you are Interested.

People so far
Killer~SafeCracker - rules
Dj Radio - Types of guns (only if he is impartial)
logic boy (Me)- General tactics and the intro
Silent Assasin21 - types of guns for different environments
TheDunkis - sidearms
Hiyadudez - assault weapons
shadowninja31 - snipers and sniping
jollex - just stuff
knex gun builder - game types
The Jamalam - game specific tatics

If you want to ask me anything, feel free.

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can i do the sniper rifles??
the guide has long since been posted...
There are no sniper rifles.
~KGB~7 years ago
can i do game types???
Fred the Penguin (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
will i write a list of them?
Fred the Penguin (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago

Write a list and explain them.

ill work on it then.....
Seleziona ~KGB~7 years ago
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