Knex Wars Video Game - Now Doom PC (classic) engine for online abilitys

Yet again... the game engine is changing! (sorry)
After a million polygon 3D errors (due to the nature and looks of knex guns) the games engine will be changed once again...

Not all hope is lost though! anyone remeber the classic PC, game DOOM!!! thats right so far I've been able to use my old Wolf3D sprites I made, AND! IT WORKS!!! graphic are now being updated to make the higher resolution (wolf3D had 64x64 Doom has 128x128, or if you download an expantion that like requires 150kb (big way back when it came out) a resolution of 256x256 (my fav and lucky number) with now 16 bit color and no longer 8 bit 256 colors!
Oh did I forget to mention ONLINE PLAY!? - Doom pc had online and people could play on custom maps (that colombine shooting kid made maps and graphics and yes I've played them all and they are fun!) -note none are based on the school

If you realy know nothing then let me explain
1) Online play = Fun
2) 256x256 resolution = 4x the ammount of detail as Wolfenstein (go on MS paint and set the size to 64x64 and draw the smallest dot, then set it to 256x256 and you will see a big difrence)
3) polygon 3D = 3D objects made of polygons and other kinds of shapes (think of the early 32 bit and N64 graphics)
4) 8/16 bit color = ammount of colors can be in the game. 8 bit = 256 colors (everything in computers adds up to 256...) 16 bit color is Neer true color (32 bit is considered "true color" and has every color.

Once again sorry for the change (again) but N64 games are not the easiest thing to program when an engine was not meant to be modded (or have weapons so colorful and having so many colors in one part like a real knex gun)

And I know just about everyone has a computer that is older then windows 95 (with me with windows 95 cause i cant put floppys in a laptop) so running the game should be no problem (yet running an n64 game with other programs like virus scanner, or being online makes it 4x slower)

to help the looks of the guns (and reduce time from building them just to see how the would look) could someone make side (like halo) and frontal (not iron sights) pictures of these guns? - do with your own gun if you want, just make sure the pictures not to blurry

Picture of Knex Wars Video Game - Now Doom PC (classic) engine for online abilitys
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syprogram metal theme.bmp
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Mp40.1 doom.bmp
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FrozenStar8 years ago
Great idea and i have some tips for you. A little while back a group of programmers mad a mod to the game BF-2142 and called it conflict 2142 they added tons of weapons and vehicles and you might be able to get them to help you with the scripting if you contact them and ask. go to
Sypran (author)  FrozenStar8 years ago
hmm ill see about it, A couple of my freinds are helping now, and my more powerful desktop just got fixed (finaly!) so idk if ill need their help (yet) cause so far there is no problems (unless you count reload button doesn't always work, skipping the boltback frames when using the TDS2 when you have an odd number of bullets, and the ammo cap of gorkems sniper is 999- wtf ) -these are all simple fixes - i think
DJ Radio8 years ago
do some research before you post forums like this. I made a similar forum a few months ago.
Read the whole thread before you post comments like this. He's actually making a video game unlike you, dreamer.
heh, I was just throwing out the idea so someone could make a game. my apologies to spyran.
I figured the coolest knex FPS wouldn't have premade weapons. I mean where's the fun in that? I was thinking what if the game had some major scripting that allowed you to build your weapons in game? Then it would use some calculations to give it stats of accuracy, range, etc. based on how you built the gun. The best part is you wouldn't be limited by your pieces (except I would make it where you only have so many pieces and you buy more with the money you get from battles you win and stuff like that)
that would be hard to do. expecially since the game would have to figure out what would happen with the gun with a set rubberband force on it. and then there is the element of error involved with any knex gun firing. factor that in with the face that building something big would take for ever. i liked my idea of having the guns be made in mlcad, and then sent in to the team making the game. they can then test the gun and get some real stats witch can be put into the game after some math. then just use the mlcad image to get the 3D images needed for the gun. you could also make some of the pictures that put togeather make a stop motion video of the gun cocking. it would be a little hard to get working but after that you could just have people download the guns they want for the game. i was thinking that this game would be more of a online multiplayer game instead of a one player game. the only thing i see is that someone with a good knowledge of computer games and a little programing background(me for instance) could make a gun with way to high stats pretty easily with the downloading program. what we would need is a stat cap. I.E. pistols or sidearms can only do a max damage of 40(that would be the best pistol out there)and a low of one so even if you did change the stats you would just be able to do a damage of 40. or better yet have the stats of the guns saved on the online server. like if you have my sidearm then it is registered in the server and then loads the stats off of the server. i don't think that should be to hard to pull off. or am i taking this game to far...
i reckon the money idea is good, like start with the sword, and a killerK pistol, cos that was one of the first? then buy better weapons. k'nexsayer would be one of the top ones :) does anyone remember the 'kruzer rounds'? cos they could be an accessory... or better rubberbands? Also have armor upgrades, like the halo helmet, perhaps even a weapons platform like my project paws? i reckon you could have up to 50 guns in there, mabye some only unlockable by doing stuff (finishing the game might give you a sword etc). Just some food for thought.
your name here was the first
Yeah, but killerk's was the first THE k'nex gun, if you know what I mean.
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