Knex Weapon: Barrett M99 Sniper Rifle

Hi, I am currently working on my first Knex Weapon I have designed. It is based on the appearance of the Barrett M99 Single Shot Sniper Rifle. The trigger and loading (not firing) pin are based off of the Thriller Lego Crossbow ( School is putting restraints on the time I have to build this but I will attempt to submit my gun as soon as possible, probably in early March. But don't count on it, I have always been bad at meeting deadlines.

Picture of Knex Weapon: Barrett M99 Sniper Rifle
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its the m107 50. cal sniper children or the ma282
Sniperion (author) 9 years ago
Cool. And nice M107/82 icon. What firing system does it use? (p.s. if you mean you made the Thriller, then nevermind)
i made a Barret 50.Cal
Stavroz9 years ago
i made this weapon it is over 3 feet long and fires 100 feet with 8 rb. maybe ill post
Sniperion (author) 9 years ago
the S-31?
g123453899 years ago
im making the 50 cal 1
Sniperion (author) 9 years ago
Wait...You built it? The instructions are out already? I don't quite see how you can understand and build that ENTIRE thing.
flames103919 years ago
dude i built that lego crossbow and that system on knex would be sicknasty
smidge1479 years ago
Sniperion (author) 9 years ago
Sorry I couldn't post any pictures of my gun because 1) I don't have a digital camera and don't know how to use or upload things from it 2) I only recently started construction and it would be a shame to tell you how little I have had done.