K'nex Wireless Charging Phone Dock

I had this wireless charger for my phone so I decided to incorporate it into a phone dock. I tried to make it look nice and used some creativity to get the angle I wanted for the back. The wire for the charger comes nicely out of the back of the base.

Picture of K'nex Wireless Charging Phone Dock

Wow! This is really cool! Great job.

TheDunkis9 months ago

This is pretty cool and might have to be something I use too. I've got a Samsung wireless charger at work as well and it's always a pain in the manham getting my phone situated just right to get it to charge. The original and fast chargers probably don't have quite the same dimensions so I don't know if this will work. Still, as simple as it is, I'd say post it.

I didn't know that you were still active, jollex! This is neat!

BTW, are you still making K'NEX guns? If so, could you please consider entering something in my 2017 K'NEX Gun Contest? The official rules and prize descriptions are located on the contest page.