K'nex XBow finally posted

sorry it took so long, tel me what you think, if u build post piccys : p

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albf110 years ago
srry 1 didnt load...
C:\Users\Alex\Pictures\2007-07-03 instructables\instructables 023.JPG
drummer ian (author)  albf110 years ago
albf110 years ago
im posting the pics, hope u like my changes (*.*)
C:\Users\Alex\Pictures\2007-07-03 instructables\instructables 019.JPGC:\Users\Alex\Pictures\2007-07-03 instructables\instructables 022.JPGC:\Users\Alex\Pictures\2007-07-03 instructables\instructables 020.JPG
albf110 years ago
hi m8, i made yur bow but added a shoulder rest and a base, u want me to send u the pics?
drummer ian (author)  albf110 years ago
of cors post the pics i wanna see! glad you made it, do you like it?
PocketSized10 years ago
It looks like a beast.
drummer ian (author)  PocketSized10 years ago
o it is ; )