K'nex Sniper thoughts?

I'm drawing up some mental plans for a Sniper rifle. I posted some non-gun k'nex projects but they were never as popular as weaponry. I know there's a tonne of K'nex snipers out there already, but most of them underneath the body are just a basic gun with a blue rod mag, and a lot of the time the mag isn't actually removable.

Of course there's nothing wrong with this, I myself have made guns with this setup. However, for my new Sniper, I want a removable mag with lesser-used ammo. I was thinking either orange-connector+grey connector ammo or yellow rods. Basically I wanted to see what the community wants the most, aside from Oodammo, because that's a tad awkward! 

Also any suggestions as to what else I should add to my Sniper? I was thinking:
Removable Mag, breach loading single shot chamber, rails (like ironman's), detachable scope and Bipod, rear monopod, true trigger (of course), pin guides and maybe a section where a small pistol can fit, probably TheDunkis' flat pistol or r3con's (spelling?) mod for it.
Oh and maybe a heartbeat sensor for all the MW2 fans out there XD


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mrmuffin5 years ago
my dream sniper is a sniper with removable mag bolt action pin guide bipod (foldable) epic looking scope grenade launcher and a stock that can store ammo (yellow rods)
MiniBr1t7 years ago
hey lowney i already tried building that gun failed, got bored and just couldnt be bothered thats y i built the ss-v1
Made PTRS-41 a long time ago. Broke it but I still have a slideshow for it.
but i thuink i might make it now so yer would be good to see wat u end up building
The Jamalam6 years ago
If I were you I'd try and perfect the shell system. When applied properly, I'm sure that you'd be able to decrease friction inside the mag, while maintaining pieces. Bolt action seems the way to go with snipers if you are looking for range and reliability, and this decreases chamber friction. Give it a pin guide as well. Your next priority should be comfort - the best shots are often relaxed ones. I'd also give it some weight so that you don't shake around as much. Ergonomics are next - give it a good scope that you can actually use, and perhaps a good bipod. Next add rails and certain attachments. Finally I'd tidy it all up while maintaining its features' working ability.
This is exactly how I make my guns. Function, then form. :)
leafydave6 years ago
how bout somthing from barret or the cheytac m310.
jammy56 years ago
Why not try to build the PTRS-41
Lowney (author)  jammy56 years ago
Ah I loved that gun in Call of Duty 5 :') But this isn't a replica, I just thought I'd use the L96 as a rough shape guideline. Also the PTRS-41 was in a Call of Duty game, so I wouldn't build it anyway seeing as CoD guns get overdone. I know the L96 is in black ops now but this forum was posted before the game's release, therefore it doesn't really count xD
MiniBr1t6 years ago
hey lowney im thinking of making the same gun wanna make it together??
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