Knex ball factory instructions!

I have the PDF files for the BIG BALL FACTORY!

Here they are!

if this violates anything, just PM me and I will take it down.


Big Ball Factory.pdf(1032x728) 5 MB
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why did you post that if someone reads that most likely they will not have the parts
Bartboy (author)  Orangeprofessor7 years ago
In case people lose the instructions. I did.
i bought it without instructions on ebay!!!
oh that a rip off
Bartboy (author)  Orangeprofessor7 years ago
Or.. you could download it from the internet.
TheChemiker8 years ago

Quik, if you want it, save it on your computer!  Then who cares about it being taken down! =D

knexguy8 years ago
Not sure this is legal.
Bartboy (author)  knexguy8 years ago
If they don't like it, it's gone. Until then, I can keep it posted.
knexguy Bartboy8 years ago
Hmm, so you expect K'nex to make an account and PM you? I'd just take it down, it's not worth risking your account for.
Bartboy (author)  knexguy8 years ago
Sure, they can do that.
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