Knex Ball Machine - Off the Wall


Here's the most recent project of mine. Its a ball machine build entirely in my bathroom. It was a fun challenge and produced a very unique ball machine I think. Nothing too fantastic in terms of elements or anything. The triple loop, chain slide, the geared ferris wheel and perhaps the double helix thingys are the only things worth really noting.

Anyway, hope you folks like it. Sorry about the photos being so dark, its hard to get good lighting in a small room with no windows.



Total piece count: 8891.
That makes Sproutless the winner with a guess of 18,500. Congrats!

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I_am_Canadian (author)  knexinventer6 years ago
tht is cool but why did you build it in the bathroom?
I_am_Canadian (author)  knexinventer6 years ago
As a unique challenge.

And thanks :-)
your welcome:)
DB20166 years ago
Any mention of the toilet would be FAR too easy, so...

How long does it take for the ball to travel all the way around?
I_am_Canadian (author)  DB20166 years ago
It changes quite a lot for the different paths, the longest one... Perhaps 20 seconds?

That's very impressive, if I tried that my dad would axe it all down and tell me to clean up the mess haha. Very cool!
I_am_Canadian (author)  DB20166 years ago
Thankfully my parents are fairly tolerant :-)

No problem. Will you post?

Just kidding. That is sick man, can't wait to see what's next.
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