Knex ball machine preview: The Asteroid Belt

My first ball machine the asteroid belt is going to be 4 feet tall, 8 paths, and 2 lifts. Sorry for no pictures. I have to take down Dysprosium (which my brother never finished) to build the asteroid belt because we share our knex. The next update will be in exactly 4 weeks.

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Sorunome7 years ago
Sounds cool. Don't forget to make a vid when it's finished!
Purple Waffles (author)  Sorunome7 years ago
i won't!
why not?
Purple Waffles (author)  Sorunome7 years ago
no i meant i wont forget to make a video
Ok. :)
~KGB~7 years ago
sounds kool
Purple Waffles (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
no prob!
Tornado967 years ago
I have to remember to check this in exactly 3 weeks and six days. :-)
It sounds good. Just remember to make it well supported.
Purple Waffles (author)  Tornado967 years ago
I'll PM you the tracks. :)
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