Knex block triggers

Why is everyone so hyped up about knex block triggers, you dont have to go to the block trigger instructibles. If you do go to thier instructible you dont have to tell them thier gun sucks. This whole knex gun thing started out as block triggers.Back then Every one liked them and almost every instructible was block trigger. When oodulumps, Mepain, and all the other good knex builders came in,they started making all this cool stuff that was different than block triggers. After they posted all the cool stuff they had going on, new people came in ,and got inspired to make knex guns. They wanted to post thier guns , so they did. And now that all the older people are so tired of block triggers, they send bad comments to people who are new to knex guns. Which I think is wrong because they are at the level of knex guns that we used to be at one year ago. They only difference is that they came later, and dont know as much as we do. If anyone disagrees with my opinion please comment on why you disagree. Sorry if I had any misspelled words in this forum, or if you did not understand. Please tell me if you do not understand and I will fix that.Thank you for reading.

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Mepain10 years ago
"they are at the level of knex guns that we used to be at one year ago."

Ha, I haven't even been at this for a year yet! You gotta remember thaat I just started in december of last year. = )

It brings me back...
fobblewabble (author)  Mepain10 years ago
well i was here a year ago, so were some others
Easy Button10 years ago
i disagree because mepains first instructable was a true trigger so what if block trigger guns can hold more power isnt it about design and tecnique and we are all mad about it because ther has been about of a hndred of them posted and so what if my first gun was a block trigger now my true shotgun will never have a block triger and thats why i think block trigger guns are bad ( my techer alaws said to write a conclusion) lol
Block triggers can be "true triggers", but so can sear systems too be true triggers. Block triggers are just a gun where something blocks the rams progress. so therefore Mepain's first gun was both a "true" and a block trigger design. So is his sniper, and his second gen shifle (when you postin that mepain?). Conclusion. (see, i can write a conclusion too!)
it isnt block triggers that people really hate what they hate are the hundreds of instructable of guns that are all exactly the same, although i prefer true triggers block triggers arent that badand i don t see what the big hoo haa about them is about and if peoplr dont like the block trigger on a gun then they should update it to a true trigger.
Pat Sowers10 years ago
I agree with you 100 percent. I dont mind the block trigger guns. The guns that I make still use block triggers, and the work just as well if not better than some of the guns that have "true triggers".