Knex break action shell ejecting shotgun video

Here is my Knex shotgun. Its break action, uses shells and is ram rod powered. Shoots blue rods and also a burst of 4 green rods or a shell full of mini knex pieces. It can shoot blue rods 30FT and the spread shots 15-20 feet. Its single shot with only one barrel.
Link to video is the video below isn't seen or if it doesn't play:

Picture of Knex break action shell ejecting shotgun video
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JonnyBGood1 year ago

Well this makes my concept look like a 2 year olds toy! lol. Very cool!

didexo1 year ago

I would love to see an ible' or this.

myOmy1 year ago

That's how much I like it!

myOmy1 year ago

You are making an ible of this, yes?

That looks very cool!

Very, very good work. It looks amazing, and it seems to shoot pretty well. It might get 50 feet if the barrel was cut down, but then it wouldn't look nearly as great. I really like the shells.

I saw some of the Atlantis video. It's really too bad that it has to be taken apart after all your work on it.