Knex break action shell ejecting shotgun video

Here is my Knex shotgun. Its break action, uses shells and is ram rod powered. Shoots blue rods and also a burst of 4 green rods or a shell full of mini knex pieces. It can shoot blue rods 30FT and the spread shots 15-20 feet. Its single shot with only one barrel.
Link to video is the video below isn't seen or if it doesn't play:

Picture of Knex break action shell ejecting shotgun video
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JonnyBGood2 years ago

Well this makes my concept look like a 2 year olds toy! lol. Very cool!

didexo2 years ago

I would love to see an ible' or this.

myOmy2 years ago

That's how much I like it!

myOmy2 years ago

You are making an ible of this, yes?

You're welcome! A sawed off would be cool.

I might have to try my hand at a break action myself. :)

It can be difficult at first Corgi but you could easily use my Double Barreled Shotgun Break-Action mechanism instructions as a template and you work from there. This one has the iconic two long barrels side by side with removable shells like the real one has but it doesn't shoot.


I don't know if I am going to try to build one, but if I do, I want to go for a more modern look, with metallic pieces, thumbhole stock, pin guide, and shot barrel. Not that I don't like the more traditional look, your shotgun is great, but I prefer something slightly different for my own builds. :)

That's absolutely fine Corgi, you do what you feel comfortable with

Of course. :D

Well it was hard for me for the first time when I built mine but I will agree that break action guns are easy to make once you figure it out.

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