Knex build challenge!

Build a knex gun that doesnt require any green rods and is a true trigger.... Are you up to the challenge? 1st place - A preview of some of my knex guns and knowing that you got first place 2nd place - Knowing that you got second place 3rd place - Knowing that you got third place Note: preview may be delayed because of my cameras that have been shot and destroyed by my knex guns..... Due to terrible accidents so preview will be delayed for a very.... very LONG TIME Im gonna get a camera that wont break hopefully and takes beautiful pictures ;D! Hopefully one of my knex guns or oodalumps cannon modded by me doesnt misfire when i drop it again.... That WOULD SUCK! I cant take new pictures of the modded spider massacre v 3.0 cause of the description above so... look at drummerians crossbow... ish ... ? sorta not really I made two so i decided to turn it into a sniper ish thing? o well its an old picture if i remember correctly... Good luck building a knex gun without using and green rods...

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King_Banana9 years ago
i just made a lil xbow
mrbox (author)  King_Banana9 years ago
This is pretty old =) Man that gun is old too but i might still have it... i gotta dig through all my old knex guns... that gun was like the best gun i ever made back then that used a ratchet system =)
i based off of I_a_C's cannon(triggerwise)
mrbox (author)  King_Banana9 years ago
Im just wondering how it looks if there aren't any green rods... its fine by me but if you want to you could post it =)
alsothis is a great example of a gun w/o green rods
2 things: 1. i sorta tore it apart to make my banana mg 2. no digital camera:P mine broke b4 i got to ibles
Katarukito9 years ago
Why do people break their camera's so much. i've had my old sony for 3-4 years without a scratch.
dsman1952769 years ago
hmm, interesting, no green rods. i could do it, but it depends how big you want it...
mrbox (author)  dsman1952769 years ago
DSMAN192576 says: "hmm, interesting, no green rods. i could do it, but it depends how big you want it..." Well i found a couple of guns.. but they were kinda lame as in structural design... Its hard to build a large gun without over using connectors so a small gun that doesnt use any green rods, has a true trigger would be great!
ok, i can do a pistol with no green rods no problem!just give me the weekend to make it good.
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