K'nex combined with LED's to create awsome Orbs.

I think this is a great example of the neverending potential of knex.

This photographer set about making rotating led lit orbs. He then used a long exposure on his camera to create the amazing pictures you see here.

I think for a simple building method, for a non permanent project, knex is one of the best options, and greatly under appreciated!

Check out his full Flickr Set.

via Makezine

Picture of K'nex combined with LED's to create awsome Orbs.
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Hiyadudez8 years ago
I could actually see this working, Knex recently brought out a Knex Light up rod(see the picture), so add it a motor and a few more light up rods, boom boom pow, you got a light orb. Or you could use LEDs...

glow rod.bmp
 i have knex light rods :) they are only ok tho
ReCreate8 years ago
And yet some people Hate K'nex so much that they write a script to block it... :/
i definetly feel sorry for them, knex could be even used to build houses, just no one to do it
I'm not sure about the house thing though...
give me $4000 to buy knex and ill make one, i did a scale model, and i threw it down 4 storeys into cement and survived, i shot it with a real gun and it halfway shot through one wall, thats how sturdy i can make it
Do you mean you made a Knex scale model of a house?
Come on, What did you make it out of, Diamond k'nex?
K'nex, PUre K'nex, i just did a weave like pattern, and it rubs the bullet causing the bullet to actually "meld" into the wall
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