Knex double shot prototype

Here we have a slightly angled pin knex gun. The pin is slightly angled down, making the pin come in the magazine well angled, hitting two bullets instead of one. It uses an internal flexy bullet pusher instead of the external ones. It shoots two bullets 30 feet using two bands. It has a yellow rod magazine that isn't removable. It also uses a unique trigger system. Its comfortable, light weight and is very fun to use. No sights, its just a prototype.

Picture of Knex double shot prototype
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Why do you have a grey ram rod in it? did you run out of black rods? it looks pretty interesting. also what makes the trigger system unique?

He says he does not have black rods, but in a comment on the TR8 2014 he claimed to have one. It is kinda strange really. My guess is that the rod snapped after repeated shots.

Viper had a double shot mech at one point, it could shoot two rods 50 feet. my system was not reliable enough to post though. I really should try a double shot, since it seems easier to build a rod mag for one then a normal pin gun.

I like double shots with two stage triggers have you ever built one?

No, but I did modify the JAR to two triggers once.

nice gun :D first i was thinking wtf is that doesn't look as good as your normal guns. now i see it is one of your innovative ones :D
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  megustatrains2 years ago
Mr_awesome2 years ago
looks sweet good idea
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  Mr_awesome2 years ago
Pretty cool. I like its simplicity. :P
Yeah, its a prototype. It is one cool gun to mess around with.
I probably should make a forum topic, but I've been meaning to tell everyone: my parents have sold my K'nex against my wishes so now I have to go to a friend's house to K'nex, and I will probably be posting some non-K'nex ibles. This is a very nice gun. :P
dude no
Its okay if you sold your knex. As thats something your parents wouldnt do without your input. Im calling that statement a lie.
It's not. They did it as punishment. :I
What could you do to make your parents sell an item of yours. I also don't think thats true, and if your parents were that strict, they probably would take away game consoles, computer access, phone, permission to go somewhere. Blah.
They did. That's why I have no account activity for like five days. I accidentally shot my brother in the temple and he started to bleed. He even said it was an accident. Why would I lie about a thing like this? I really do want my K'nex back. It makes me sad. D:
Ouch. Thats a good reason. Lol, sorry but I thought you lied.
Yeah. I felt really bad. D:
Isn't this very much like reds TUB?
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  FlyingFish102 years ago
I don't post guns that are modeled or represent a different gun. No
In the sense that it fires two shots at once, yes, it is. And Reds shot further.
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  FlyingFish102 years ago
I dont care. I built a prototype. Dont. Care.
What I'm saying is that the two guns function nearly the same so it is not really necessary to have this one............................. no offense
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  FlyingFish102 years ago
His gun is not anything like this gun. Nothing a like, at all.
They both fire dem two bullets, they just look different.
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  FlyingFish102 years ago
Mine works different. His works totally different. That range, isn't true.
What is not true about what range...?
So what you're saying is that the gun in your profile pic, BM's gun, and red's gun are all the same thing? Ok that makes sense.
Well mine shoots them side by side in two separate barrels, while Red's and BM's both shoot from the same barrel. Theirs have one ram rod, mine has two. They all fire two shots, yes, but theirs are more similar to each other. As to BM, I see what you're saying about them working differently
If they end up accomplishing the same thing, then aren't they essentially the same thing? I mean 2 bullets is 2 bullets. That also means that all normal mag fed guns that shoot one are the same as well right?
If that's what you think, then yeah I guess. I mean normal mag fed guns are usually always along the same lines, but lots of people innovate around them.
I was sarcastically mocking your comment about how you think this is the same as Red's gun, if you didn't notice. Obviously you can have lots of variation within a certain basic design that makes the gun different.
I did notice, but I went with it... And yeah... we know. All I was saying is that from what I can see this is essentially the same thing as reds gun. It may actually not be the same thing, but from what I can tell, they're quite similar.
True dat.
pretty cool concept
I guess it is alright.
TheRacker2 years ago
So the one pin hits two shots? I think I get how it works.
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  TheRacker2 years ago
Yes, the pin is angled down slightly. And I bet It could work as a triple burst.
Check your OB.
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  TheRacker2 years ago
Will do.
Cool! How did you make the pin tilt? (I can't see it in the pictures)
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
Thanks. And I dont feel like explaniang it.
Why not? ;p
Blue Mullet 2 (author)  sandroknexmaster2 years ago
Thanks. And I dont feel like explaniang it.