Knex f2000.

Well i asked the dunkis could he make a fn 2000, so he said he would attempt the mech and see how far he would get from there. i am asking anyone if they have any ideas for the gun, like innovation, parts, looks and other features. i am looking to build a outstanding knex gun that is very reliable. if you have any ideas just tell me here and ill have a look at them!

pic 1: basic version.
pic 2: red dot version (this could be added onto a rail)

Picture of Knex f2000.
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Andrew59097 years ago
not to be rude or anything but that fn2000 is not a red dot sight, it is a scope. i know this because i know a lot about weapons and it's on mw2.
~KGB~ (author)  Andrew59097 years ago
fn f2000: fabrique nationale (fn) is the company who manafacture the f2000 gun, and secondly it is a red dot sight and you can also get scopes and also mw2 is very false about the guns, like the barrett 50 cal is underated... i know way more on weapons then you would, for instance who made the m16, who made the barrett 50 cal? try awnser these...
colt made the m16 and barrett made the barrett 50 cal
~KGB~ (author)  iiimattzaiii7 years ago
nope... colt is a ww2 manafacturer eg. browning mg and the browning pistol, eugene stoner made the m16 and the other variants... ronnie barrett made the barrett 50cal althoung barrett firearms is the company...
rec0n ~KGB~7 years ago
Wrong. MANY, MANY companies make AR vairants.
~KGB~ (author)  rec0n7 years ago
yeh but the m16a1 was made by eugene stoner, the 1st ever...
rec0n ~KGB~6 years ago
Colt makes M4A1s for the US army. Canada has a contract from colt for their C7 rifles. Colt owns the design. Its not called the Barrett .50 cal, its the M82.
~KGB~ (author)  rec0n6 years ago
ye i know about the m82/m107 since i got more into guns.... did you see barretts 416 round?
~KGB~ (author)  Andrew59097 years ago
and look on wiki...
knexguy ~KGB~7 years ago
Not to be rude, but it is a scope. It has slight magnification.
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