Knex full auto mech

need a full auto knex mech hat shoots WİTHOUT a cranck or engine


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didexo2 years ago


Doc Penguin (author)  didexo2 years ago

whats so funny, buddy???

What is believe you're trying to aski for is impossible due to the conservation of energy.

RJM2001 didexo2 years ago

I agree it is impossible.

didexo RJM20012 years ago


Not impossible. Just highly improbable.

I suppose.

JM1999 didexo2 years ago

All you have to do is make creative use of some magnets and viola, there you have it!

didexo JM19992 years ago

Explain....But regardless using magnets would be a challenge because getting them to work with knex would be an issue.

There are knex magnets I have one.

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