Knex guns

Hey guys, I'm starting to run out
of ideas for Knex guns. If you could leave me some guns I could build in the comments, it would be appreciated. Also concepts are welcome as well. Thanks!

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TheDunkis2 years ago

I believe there are plenty of ideas left out there, they're just getting more complicated. Here's one of the simpler things we lack a decent amount of: repeating shotguns. Figure out a nice, convenient to use repeating shotgun. The only examples I'm aware of are still a bit annoying to use in how you reload them. Perhaps come up with a removable magazine?

Lucas The Boss (author)  TheDunkis2 years ago
Thanks, I'll try that later. About 5 minutes after I posted this I had a idea for a full auto mech. I can't be live nobody's thought of this yet but I'm working on it right now and so far it shoots 9 rounds controllably and rapidly. It shoots all nine rounds in less than 5 seconds.

If that's true, that's good to hear. But how did you do it? There are only so many ways you can make a fully automatic mechanism. I came up with the idea of a fired round actuating the trigger similar to a real firearm's gas system years ago but could never find a trigger mechanism that worked well enough. I would love to see the concept finally working. Otherwise, I'm curious what you else you could have possibly done.

Lucas The Boss (author)  TheDunkis2 years ago

well I took a similar mech like what myommy used and simplified it (he made it to complicated) so the trigger holds the first band which is a normal true trigger and when pulled releases the first band, it hits a lever and goes back to the ratchet which hold the other 8 bands. It has a normal semi auto mech that only lets one slot by. It is released and hits the lever since the trigger is still pulled and hits the lever again. When you release the trigger it goes back up and blocks the next band from hitting the lever. In still trying to slow down the fire rate so it can hit all the bullets out of a mag. It only shoots about 3 because so many bands are going the mag has a hard time pushing another bullet up in time for the next band.

Alright, sounds like an idea we've already thought up. Just that you're finally implementing it successfully. The trigger is quite brilliant and simple though. The simplest idea to slow it down would be to lengthen the gun if possible. The rubber band would have to travel farther before hitting the lever. Another idea would be to increase the weight of the piston that actuates the cog. Then it'd accelerate a little slower and give a satisfying recoil feeling to the gun. Finally, I'd just band up the mag pusher very tightly so that it loads as fast as possible. I'm excited to see your mechanism. I've been waiting for a successful implementation for years now.

Lucas The Boss (author)  TheDunkis2 years ago

here is the mech.


Looks like something BM would build with all those cut parts. But at least you understand it, I have no idea whats going on with it.

It's really not as complicated as it looks. Just imagine your standard repeating slingshot i.e. a weapon that keeps several bands on a cog so each trigger pull releases one rubber band. Now imagine that instead of pulling the trigger manually, a fired rubber band pulls the trigger for you. So each time a shot is fired, another shot is fired after, and so on. So normally, after the first shot is fired, it'd just continue firing until all shots go off. The real trigger simply blocks and holds a single band before it can continue firing unless it's held down.

Thanks, it makes a little more sense now. The problem I see, is that if you use connector ammo, you would run out of ammo very quickly.

Then again, I believe the Mac 10 runs out of ammo in one or two seconds in full auto.

In my mind, it would be more practical to work on semi automatics that don't have a 15 pound trigger pull or look awful. (Knex semi automatics often end up being basically double action revolvers, which bugs me when people call them semi automatics, but at least people know what you mean when you say that.)

Indeed. I know it wouldn't be practical as a war weapon by any means, but it'd be a pretty cool concept once its refined. At least for the K'nex ammo portion, removable magazines wouldn't be all that difficult. The rubber bands would be another problem entirely. I mean, I don't even know how many rubber bands a good mechanism could hold. If you imagine it, I'd like having at least 8 fully stretched #64s across a weapon. But 8 isn't all too many shots, but that is a lot of stress on one area of a weapon with moving parts.

Well the problem with semi autos is that energy has to come from somewhere. My preference is to charge shots beforehand instead of on the spot because you get far better range. The challenge then is making it convenient to prepare those shots.

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