Knex ideas

Hey guys, it's me again.

I decided to make this forum, as many people have awesome knex ideas, but arent experienced enough to make it, don't have the pieces, or anything else.
Or maybe you have an idea that would be cool, and just suggest it here, people will see it and maybe pick up on it and decide on trying it out!
Share your ideas, models, concepts and anything else!

Your ideas can be anything, from small thing such as small model cars and ball machines to full auto mechs and awesome motors(V4, V8 type motors).

Happy building!

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~Aeronous~7 years ago
crank action.
heres how it works, you make a wheel with a bit sticking out and use that to turn it, thenwhen you turn it, it turns a cog which pulls back the ramrod, until it runs out of grip on the ramrod and comes smashing back into the bullet and again and again. it would be bloody high ROF and make it a turret gun and it would be one frikin awsm piece of work
Already been done, my friend.
 STFU my idea.
ill replace it with a motor then.

And that's really not necessary.
 sry, but i jst had the idea and spent 7 hours on it. im pretty annoyed.
....K.... But there's no need to flip out. Try researching before you claim an idea. Though, if you want to be liked in the knex community, you really shouldn't claim ideas at all. If you want rights to something, build it, and post it. Otherwise people will always give you $##T.
 yeah, sorry about that, after working 7 hours on a fully auto to find out its already been made is very maddening.
Ok, I can understand that. But please, take my above advice.
Hiyadudez (author)  ~Aeronous~7 years ago
Already been done with a motor.
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