Knex in school

This is my super-awesome-friend-annoyer for when I go back to school. What do you guys use?

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pls8 years ago
srv2, shooting ppls down hallways
travw (author)  pls8 years ago
LOL, nice.
KnexFreek travw8 years ago
ha u used caps
travw (author)  KnexFreek8 years ago
Yes, but only because it is an acronym. If I were to actually say 'laugh out loud', I'd do it in lowercase.
I dont risk my knex I just make a paper blowdart gun.
Der Bradly8 years ago
travw (author)  Der Bradly8 years ago
Big pockets?
KnexFreek travw8 years ago
I actually won this science thing for a machine gun I made...
DJ Radio8 years ago
I hope you dont post the gun....
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