Knex logic bow review.

this is logic boys logic bow review.

comfort: 10/10 - comfy handle and comfy grip.
power: 10/10 - insanely powerful.
looks: 8/10 - looks good.
innovation: 9/10 - nice and small compacted firing system.
accuracy: 10/10 - very accurate.
piece usage: 9/10 - uses barely any pieces.
stenght: 9/10 - the handle is a bit weak, nothing huge tho.
reliabilty: 9/10 - if you have the pin taped up well, your good to go.

overall: 74/80 - fantastic gun from logic boy, build it now!

Picture of Knex logic bow review.
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travw8 years ago
"build it now!"
No spank you.
Also, dude, you need to start being realistic about your reviews. Seriously.
3 10/10's? 4 9/10's? One of the most important reasons for giving a review is to give constructive criticism, and show what could be improved. If you say  "OMGZ SO GOOD BUILD NOW 1000000000000/10", that doesn't help much, now does it?
KnexFreek travw7 years ago

good advice here im bumping so kgb will have another gander at this and hopefully it will stick in his brain

~KGB~ (author)  travw8 years ago
i built the gun and judged it on what i saw......... so i dont care what you have to say
travw ~KGB~8 years ago
That's fine. Just thought I'd give you advice on how to give a helpful review.
TheDunkis travw8 years ago
I don't worry quite as much about how the community will look upon the reviews but how big people's egos will grow when seeing their reviews.
travw TheDunkis8 years ago
Why would you want someone to have a huge ego?
TheDunkis travw8 years ago
Exactly. You read it wrong. I said that the community being misinformed isn't my biggest concern but the egotistic builders are.
*shudder* BEAMERON *shudder*
Is this a reference to his post on the knexsayer?
No, just a reference to Beameron being egotistic in general...
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