Knex omen xr review.

this is dj radios omen xr review.

comfort: 10/10 - very comfortable handle with two optional foregrips.
power: 8/10 - quite powerful due to single shot.
looks: 7/10 - looks impressive. stock could be better tho.
innovation: 9/10 - new ammo holder and it has two foregrips.
accuracy: 8/10 - its quite accurate, but the rod may spin in the air.
piece usage: 8/10 - it doesnt use much pieces.
strenght: 9/10 - with the parts he used, its quite strong.
reliability: 10/10 - no mag means no jams. single shot never jams.

overall: 69/80 - great gun from dj radio. its worth building!

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NYPA7 years ago
The rods spinning in the air is a con?
~KGB~ (author)  NYPA7 years ago
not really, it goes further
DJ Radio NYPA7 years ago
He means that it may flip in midair.  CJ used canadammo and it had a rifled effect.
~Aeronous~8 years ago
 you really should NOT take a single shot into CQBs or medium range battles, mod this to make it way more powerful then use it as a siper. if you take a single shot u will get owned big time. but if this is as accurate as you say it is, then it would be an awesome sniper.
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